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What Was Your Biggest Hurdle When Starting Your Business? [ANSWERS]

Starting a business can be difficult. Even with an exceptional business plan and all the capital in the world, it is sometimes difficult to create a strong and sustaining business. CEO Blog Nation and Rescue a CEO asked a few entrepreneurs and business owners what their biggest hurdle was when starting their business.   Getting Customers Simplicity Sofas opened its ...

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Getting the Debt-Stress Out of Your New Entrepreneurial Business

Here’s a startling fact:  44% of small business owners use credit card debt to fund their business expenses. And here’s another scary bit of data:  40% of middle-income and lower-middle income families—many of whom run small businesses—use credit cards to fund their daily needs.   (Stats:  creditcards.com.) So what does this kind of debt mean for the start-up entrepreneur? This is what it means:  stress, pressure and ...

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Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs [ANSWERS]

The age old question about whether entrepreneurs are born or made is as unsure as the question about whether the chicken or the egg came first. However, entrepreneurs and business owners are able to pinpoint specific characteristics that are evident in entrepreneurs and business owners. CEO Blog Nation and Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneur what they believed were the essential ...

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Spend Time with Your Customers to Stand Out

What is it that a customer wants most of all when they contact a business? Attention? Is it about the product? Could they have a problem?  Or maybe they have a question. Regardless of why, customers contact a business in order to be heard. It is the duty of a representative to deliver satisfaction, and that can only be achieved ...

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What is the Best State to be an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is alive and thriving across the world. With over 27+ Million small businesses across the world, there is certainly a culture of innovation that built the United States and the rest of the world. With companies like Google launching a program for entrepreneurs. Even places like Washington D.C. have a reason to celebrate entrepreneurs and business owners. CEO Blog ...

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What Can Entrepreneurs Do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Majority of people knew that most entrepreneurs are very influential individuals in this world as they play an important role in improving the market and the industry too. Because this October is breast cancer awareness month, various campaigns are conducted and held in order to increase the awareness of people to this particular disease. October is the annual month for ...

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5 Tips To Reduce Your Workload

1)  Make a to do list This seems extremely obvious, but you would be amazed how many people do not write down every task that they have. Go out and buy an A4 note pad and dedicate an entire page to each working day, making sure to include the date and day of the week at the top of the ...

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30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Build it and they will come” might be something that some people believe, but it is not necessarily the truth. No matter how great your post or even products and services are, entrepreneurs and business owners have  to promote and market all of their hard work. Launch Grow Joy, provides tips for writers to promote their blog posts. Related Posts: ...

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5 Things Great Leaders Do and Failing Leaders Don’t

Leadership is a high-wire balancing act that requires a combination of juggling, massaging egos, motivation, management and sometimes even tough love. Roxana Hewertson, the CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc. based in upstate New York, provides a list of 5 things that great leaders do and 5 things leaders don’t do. 5 THINGS GREAT LEADERS DO 1) Read/understand own emotions ...

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How Small Businesses Can Protect Their Small Businesses from Lawsuits

57% of lawsuits effect companies making less than $1 million in revenue. 1 in 3 small business owners are sued or threatened with a law suit. Bolt Insurance developed an infographic for entrepreneurs and business owners to learn more about the most common lawsuits that small businesses face, how much it may cost them, and how they can protect themeselves. ...

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