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Greatly increase your SEO rankings & traffic by publishing content people want to read

Publishing great content can lead to amazing results for entrepreneurs, startups and companies of all shapes and sizes. Take, for example, Freshdesk.com. They are a help desk software, which originated in 2011. In that same year Freshdesk founder, Girish, wrote and shared an article about what motivated him to start his company. It obviously made an impact. In a 2-day ...

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5 Simples Steps to Make People Management Easier

Managers have a great number of responsibilities and one of the most challenging and demanding of these is managing members of staff. Most businesses are made up of people with different personalities, varying work styles and motivations. As a manager, it is your responsibility to bring this diverse group of people together to work as a collective unit. This is ...

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What If There Were More Women in Tech

Have you ever heard the statement that when women lead countries, there are fewer wars? Knowing this, would it surprise you to hear that Fortune 500 companies who had at least three female directors saw increases of 53% return on equity, 42% return on sales, and 66% return on invested capital? The tech industry is certainly not a war zone, but ...

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8 Tips for Implementing Exit Intent Pop-ups in WordPress Ecommerce Websites

Having exit intent popups creates a less annoying alternative to the regular popups which show up as soon as or soon after you open a website. As an online business, your top priority will be increasing engagement and decreasing bounce rates. Used strategically, popups can actually improve a user’s experience on your site. The important thing is to figure out ...

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What You Must Know Before Naming Your Next … Product, App, Book

  Could be it’s a revolutionary invention, Or an ingenious mobile app. Or perhaps it’s your debut novel…Now that you’ve finally nailed that final plot twist, got a working prototype product made, or hired a great app developer, you’ve only one niggling concern. Your wonderful creation remains nameless. It’s tempting to tell yourself not to worry, that something will come ...

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Simple Cybersecurity for Busy Executives

Wake up before they put that executive title on your door! You do reach the executive level through good work, leadership skills, and management proficiency. But, your role in security probably sits low on your skills and priorities. That must change! At the top of the organization, you have access to sensitive and complex corporate data for which you have ...

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Private Labeling 101: 5 Steps For Creating a Successful eCommerce Business

Today we are excited to highlight a sustainable business model that is giving entrepreneurs all over the world the opportunity to build the business of their dreams and make a killer income at the same time. This burgeoning industry is found in the world of online retail, through a model called private labeling.  Private labeling is the act of placing ...

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Office Relocation: 3 Professionals That Can Make It Easy

When your business’ need for space and access to resources changes, you will need to move into a new office space. Relocating your business into a new office space involves a lot of preparation and attention to detail. Instead of worrying about getting everything packed and loaded, you can turn to helpful professionals with the capability to do this for ...

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21 Entrepreneurs That Work from Home Explain How They Keep an Active Social Life

When you work from home it can be hard to separate work time and personal time. For many entrepreneurs it can near impossible to create that division. Especially when entrepreneurs and business owners love what they do, it can be hard to stop working and maintain a social life. We asked a few entrepreneurs and business owners what they do ...

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6 Reasons for Using an Effective Search Engine on Instagram

  Marketing of products and services has become more effectual on the internet. This is due to the huge number of people that are using the internet for various activities. Online marketers must have a huge command of the various social media sites for them to be effectual. This cannot be possible without using effective search engines. Below are reasons ...

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