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Can Leverage be Considered an Assumption in Negotiations?

Leverage is a popular concept these days in discussions about negotiating. In this context, leverage means that one party in the negotiation has a perceived advantage over the other, and can use that advantage to obtain a better deal as a result. This could be positive leverage (for instance, the other party really wants what you are selling), or negative ...

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E-Cigarettes Spark Controversy In the Workplace

E-cigarettes have swept the nation, with their popularity growing rapidly in the past few years.  In a study released last year, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that one out of every five adult smokers in the United States has tried e-cigarettes, up from one in 10 in 2012. Many of these may be employees of your organization. ...

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Tradition and Innovation: Enhancing the Value of a Trusted Brand and Increasing Efficiency with New Technology

The challenge every executive faces, at some point or another, involves innovation. Specifically, the issue is one of identifying, embracing and actualizing change – innovative change – that can make a business more transparent, unified, efficient and communicative. Those advantages also redound to clients, giving them the exceptional service they want with the consistency of results they deserve. To see ...

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How to Protect Your Small Business from Repossession

No one likes being in debt. Unfortunately, it’s part of our culture, and sometimes you don’t have an option. If you’ve just started up a business that you’re financing with a loan, the last thing you want is for the property to be repossessed because you can’t make a payment. Here are a few things to keep in mind if ...

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13 Entrepreneurs Give Their Best Marketing Tips

One of the toughest challenges an entrepreneur faces is marketing. You can have a great idea and you can have a great product; but if you can’t effectively market your idea, you’ll never be as successful as you were meant to be. With so many other competing entrepreneurs and ideas, marketing can be a tough nut to crack. We asked ...

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Starting Payroll for Your New Company: 5 Simple Steps

Starting a new business is filled with hurdles, some of which you’re bound to trip over. Whether it’s your business plan, your funding sources or even the functionality of your website, you will likely make a few mistakes and a lot of tweaks as you grow. While you experiment with different ways to generate sales and cash flow, paying your ...

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Brian Fielkow Speaks about Company Culture and Organizational Values

There are many parallels between sports and business. Rescue a CEO spoke with Brian Fielkow, business leader and author of Driving to Perfection: Achieving Business Excellence by Creating a Vibrant Company Culture about the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy company culture and how leaders must learn to take a stand based on organizational values. What examples from the NFL can help ...

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The Rise of Social Media: What Does It Mean for Marketing?

Conventional methods of advertising (commercials, mailers, paper ads, etc.) are, by themselves, no longer sufficient when it comes to reaching an extensive audience. The persistent evolution of technology has taught customers to expect more when it comes to marketing. Enter social media: the digital bridge that connects businesses with their consumer base. Utilizing a digital marketing plan is a must ...

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How Can the BCG Matrix Help You Cut Costs and Raise Your Market Share?

Managing a company in today’s unpredictable global market is a whole new experience from that of our predecessors even just a decade ago. The market is much less stable and profits are difficult to count on. As such, you may be looking for ways to trim costs in your own business in a way that will not negatively affect your ...

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Innovation with Practical and Immediate Benefits: Technology and Trucking for Absolute Efficiency

Technology and innovation are often synonymous, but the facts tell a different story. For, without the right kind of technology – and without the right experts to apply, manage or enhance this technology – innovation is improbable, delay is inevitable and efficiency is impossible. Nowhere is the practical impact of these points more relevant, and nowhere is there a better ...

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