How to Gain Big Financial Rewards for Your Brilliant New Product Idea

Most folks will get a product idea at one time or another and maybe, before just filing it away, mumble to themselves; “Someone oughta come out with something like this.”  And one day, sure enough, someone does.  And when these folks see “their idea” on retailer shelves they suffer an attack of the dreaded slacker’s remorse.  It doesn’t have to ...

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What’s the Best Option for you: A Mobile-Friendly Site, a Mobile Application or a Mobile Web App?

Maybe it is not the battle of ages, but it sure comes really close to it – the decision of whether to have a mobile-friendly website, a mobile web app or a native application can be a hassle to say the least. Making list of pros and cons, researching everything there is to know about them, asking left and right ...

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10 ‘Unbeatable Power-Up’ Skills for Startups In 2014

You are a startup. Let me guess you are the boss, chief executive officer, chief visionary, supervisor, team lead, head communication officer, head electrician, coffee maker…. Gosh, many hats to wear as you are a startup CEO. Being a startup entrepreneur is the hardest job and you need to acquire a wide range of skills to excel. Report says, only ...

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Off-Duty Conduct Can’t Get you Fired. Right?

Common sense would seem to indicate that an employer should not be able to fire an employee for doing or saying something away from the workplace and off the clock. Right? Well, not so fast. Employers may have more leeway than they (or their employees) realize. A long-standing and strong tenant of employment law in the United States is employment ...

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Electronic Cigarette Industry to be Dragged through the Courts

  In what seems to be the case for so many blossoming industries there is confusion, conflict and eventual court cases in the pipeline for the electronic cigarette industry. This is an industry which has risen from relative obscurity at the turn-of-the-century to become a $5 billion per annum sales sector in the US alone by 2015. Sales in the ...

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Ways to Motivate Yourself during the Time of Disappointment

None of us are ever going to reach a place in life where we encounter no disappointments at all. Failing to satisfy hoards of expectations, desires or hopes in personal or professional life is only natural. So, don’t beat yourself up. We cannot dodge all disappointments that come our way but we can certainly learn to pick ourselves up. When ...

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Scale Up Milwaukee Fosters Growing Entrepreneurship Community in Wisconsin

There are numerous projects and services to support entrepreneurship across the country. Known incubators or projects, these organizations and locations are an opportunity to support entrepreneurs and business owners. One of these is Scale Up Milwaukee, an action project focused on developing the entrepreneurial capacity in Milwaukee by bringing together the policies, structures, programs and climate that foster entrepreneurship. Rescue a ...

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5 Reasons to Go Paperless This Tax Season

As tax season approaches businesses of all sizes should be reevaluating workflow practices to improve office operations, efficiency and profitability. Electronic document management can create quick-wins on an organization’s balance sheet, lower overhead 30% to 40%, and drive profitability and growth during this busy season. Here are a few reasons why electronic document management will make a difference: Create quick-wins ...

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How Our Market Made Us Leap

We were sailing along enjoying success when the Great Recession struck a direct blow at our customers’ budgets — and thus at our business model. Since 2007, Get Real Health had been developing custom patient engagement and personal health applications for clients — typically large healthcare providers. We were successful in that market and things were good and stable. Then ...

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Spring Clean Your Business for a Profitable 2014

We’ve just set the clocks forward, so despite what the thermometer may say in some parts of the country, spring is right around the corner. With the busy holiday season behind us and big spending holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day ahead, now is a great time for small and medium-sized businesses to do some spring cleaning. Here are ...

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