Featured Post: Protecting Your Company From Data Theft and Employee Breaches

There is a movement going on that encourages more employees to bring their own devices to work with them. As the White House puts it, “the implementation of BYOD needs to be an iterative process.” Start with small connections, like allowing workers to receive email on their personal phones or tablets. You may allow monitored Internet access on a guest ...

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Pay Cards: Play by the Rules or Risk Paying Twice

As our world becomes more electronic and individuals become more accustomed to paying for goods and services with the swipe of a plastic card, employers and sometimes even employees are attracted to  pay cards.  A pay card is nothing more than a stored value card provided by a financial institution that works like a traditional debit or ATM card or ...

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Is Inspiration and “Zenergy” Designed into Your Corporate Wellness Program?

How healthy is your organization – really? Put another way, how balanced and inspiring is your operating system? How freeing is it for people who work there? How well does information, work and value flow? Do people feel at peace? Do you have heijunka, or peaceful order as it is referred to in Japan by world class companies? Are your ...

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How To Successfully Build A Bootstrapping Software Business

10 Tips for Building Up an Independently-Financed Software Business Every young software business is different. Yet regardless of niche, competitive pressures or economic conditions, all startups face the same key issues. It’s possible to survive those hectic, early years as a bootstrapped business—even thrive during them. All you need is… 1) an idea for a software product that is needed ...

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How to Use The Real Estate Market to Determine the State of the Economy

As CEOs from a variety of industries seek to measure the state of the economy – to evaluate the robustness of the recovery or the persistence of the unemployment rate – they should look to the ultimate predictor of financial strength or weakness: The real estate market. Indeed, many analysts readily (and accurately) concede that the real estate market, both ...

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Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

It is a question that is regularly on the lips of business start-ups – are you born or made an entrepreneur? What innate skills are required to become one of the leading business owners of the next generation? In essence, successful entrepreneurs have backgrounds from all walks of life, through a variety of social and ethnic upbringings. But while all ...

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How Video Benefits Websites

With so many options out there to increase SEO, it is no surprise that the digital marketing world is so focused on capturing a piece of that online audience pie. Because we are carrying video-enabled tech with us on a daily basis, watching videos “On the Go” has become a very mainstream thing to do. And why wouldn’t it? Put ...

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How to Look Professional Online

“Perception is reality,” the saying goes and if you want people to perceive that your business is professional, you must convey that to them online. Here are three simple steps to make your business looks professional online: 1. Launch your own website. Although Facebook is an effective platform for connecting with leads, prospects, and customers, you should use it in ...

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Who Owns Your Customer’s Experience?

Many businesses like legendary brands such as Nordstrom, Four Seasons, Morton’s Bass Pro Shops and Subway understands that the personal interaction of every team member with customers is a key to success. However the legendary brands take customer interaction beyond the norm; they constantly train their people to “own” each customer’s experience.   They educate and empower team members at ...

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How to Overcome Stress As an Entrepreneur

Stress. Every business owner has a lot of it – it’s almost a prerequisite for being an entrepreneur. However, too much stress takes a toll on your health and can eventually lead to multiple chronic illnesses. Sometimes, to power forward, you need to concentrate on rejuvenating your mind and body. Get More Sleep It sounds counter-intuitive, but sleep helps you ...

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