Featured Post: Turning Lead Lemons into Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you figure out how to sell them to someone at a profit. Analogies aside, if you’ve been getting bad leads, converting them to good ones can seem like a whole lot of headache. Anyone can find a group of people willing to get something for free, the key is converting those users to buyers. The ...

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Making Tennessee the Best Place in the Southeast to Start A Business

Places like Tennessee, Colorado and Washington D.C. understand the importance of entrepreneurship and are investing with the hopes of attracting entrepreneurs and business owners. The Tennessee state government created an organization to increase entrepreneurship in Tennessee. Launch Tennessee launched a Southeast-specific tech conference called Southland, a connected network of 9 regional business accelerators, and an accelerator program called the TENN. Rescue a ...

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What Your Website Must Have “Above the Fold”

Website designers use the phrase “above the fold” to refer to the area a user sees without having to scroll on their device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile screen. Research shows that you don’t have a lot of time to convey your message to online visitors before they decide if they will scroll down to view more content ...

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Welcome to the CEO Blog Nation Council

You asked for experts, you’ve got them. This is the CEO Blog Nation Council. This groups consists of entrepreneurs and leaders in business that have applied and after careful selection we have selected this group because of their activity, commitment to entrepreneurs and most importantly they want to help out entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. About the Council When starting ...

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3 Vital Skills You Must Possess As an Entrepreneur to Get Clients

What differentiates you from other entrepreneurs in your field are the skills or qualities you possess that they don’t have or the qualities they have that you do not possess; either way there are some qualities that you, as an entrepreneur, must have to succeed in your business. The following are the 3 vital skills you must possess as an ...

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Featured Post: 4 Things to Consider Before Starting An Export Business

Expanding overseas is an easier process than it used to be, and it’s also a good time for CEOs to tap into emerging markets. According to the International Trade Administration, 70% of the purchasing power of consumers is outside the U.S., and medium and small-sized businesses need to realize their untapped export potential. However, exporting comes with its own set ...

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The Ripple Effect: Current Events’ Impact on Office Climate

Once again, global news is soaked in turmoil, provocation, and apprehension as the world awaits a forthcoming U.S. action regarding the conflict in Syria. The media coverage of rhetorical back and forth has become nothing short of omnipresent, a dull roar in the background of our everyday lives as Democrats argue with Republicans, political pundits throw around their credentialed weight, ...

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How a Box of Fab Detergent Can Change Your Closing Ratios

For years, well-articulated and well-used features and attendant generic benefits of products and services were usually enough to move consumers to a purchase decision. Not any longer! In this new “the consumer rules” era, sales presentations must shift fully to your customers’ perspective. In every presentation only one perspective matters — theirs. Not yours, not the company’s, only the customer’s ...

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Featured Post: 3 Very Important Reasons why even the CEO should contribute to the Blog

The position of the CEO is one of the most important since many major decisions must past approval before a company may move forward with projects. The CEO should be a leader within their marketplace not just through their visions for the business but through their interactions with those with the company and on a consumer level. A direct connection, ...

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Denver Startup Week Takes Off Today #DENStartupWeek

Denver Startup Week begins today as entrepreneur flock to Denver, Colorado to participate in activities throughout the week including workshops, mentor office hours, resource fairs, hack-a-thons, happy hours and more.  The second annual Denver Startup Week (September 16-September 21, 2013) is organized by Downtown Denver Partnership, Colorado Technology Association, and the Denver community for entrepreneurs and startups. The event kicks off with ...

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