Time Management Tips to Implement Into Your Daily Life

This guest post is courtesy of Bonnie J. Dewkett —- If you are a busy mom or the president of a company, managing your time is a critical skill that you need to master in order to be as successful as you want to be. Here are some easy to implement tips that you can adopt in your daily life. ...

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How Does One Start a Career Out of The Living Room?

This guest post is courtesy of Katie Garrity —- While Yahoo recently banned telecommuting, the number of workers doing their jobs from home one day a week or more is rising rapidly. In Washington, D.C. alone, telecommuting went up 95 over last year, resulting in 390,000 fewer car trips for the crowded metro region. Workers may telecommute regularly, occasionally or ...

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A Small Business Owner's Toolbox for Emotional Success

This guest post is courtesy of Kandice Linwright —- I’m a small business owner, a contractor, a writer, a wife, a daughter and a mom, among many other things. To say that I wear many hats is to say that summers in Arizona are hot. It’s not even summer here and I’m sweating, and yes, I wear more than a ...

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Does Your Small Business Need to Consider Environmental Liability Insurance?

This guest post is courtesy of David Hing —- As a species we are becoming increasingly aware of the dramatic impact that we are having on our environment around us. You don’t need to come down on one side or the other of the global warming debate to acknowledge that since the industrial revolution, mankind has been burning, farming, manufacturing ...

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Business Owners Share Tips on How to Keep Your Business From Becoming Stale

Would you like to provide an answer to our weekly questions? Sign up for our newsletter to get the questions delivered each week to your inbox. —- Becoming bored or sluggish in a task we once thought was wonderful is just another fact of life. It doesn’t matter if you consider your job more exciting than any other job, there ...

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5 Ways Text-Message Marketing Will Grow Your Business

This guest post is courtesy of Julia Gifford —- “On average people look at their phones 150 times per day” Anyone in the realm of entrepreneurship will recognize the industry buzzwords; social media marketing, content is king, digital marketing. Ask a modern marketer where SMS (text message) marketing falls on their priority list, and chances are – it’s pretty close ...

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Differentiate Your Company in a Modern World – With Old Fashioned Manners

This guest post is courtesy of Michael J. Kelly —- Chances are your business has at least a few competitors. Since On Call International has been in business, I’ve asked myself—what do customers really want? And how can we stand out from the crowd?  After 17+ years of leadership in the travel assistance business, I’ve actually found that it’s not ...

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'Shark Tank' Tips For Entrepreneurs to Wow Venture Capitalists

This guest post is courtesy of Richard Phillips —- ABC’s business-reality show, “Shark Tank,” puts up-and-coming business owners in front of titans of industry in an all-out investment-feeding frenzy. Startups pitch business plans to a panel of magnates hoping to lure these deep-pocketed judges to invest. The potential investors put business plans, histories and personalities under the microscope, using business ...

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How to Promote Company Culture Through Your Workspace

This guest post is courtesy of Kevin Kuske —- A company’s rich culture can often be hidden in a sad workspace. Sure, you may have a casual dress code and a spirited softball team, but no one will think much of it if you’re surrounded by plain, white walls on a daily basis. With the ongoing debate around remote workers, ...

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Cyber Libel: What Employers Can do in the Age of Social Media

This guest post is courtesy of Terri R. Stewart and Joseph L. WilsonFisher & Phillips LLP —- With social media sites at virtually every employee’s fingertips, libel via the internet is becoming much more prevalent. Employees now have the opportunity to log on to their favorite social media site and vent about their co-workers, supervisors, and employers. Indeed, social media ...

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