Tips on How to Approach and Get the 'Big Sale' Closed

Sales are a tricky area for some to master. You might be good up until the point where you need to close the deal and get a client signed on, and then the worst happens. A client gets cold feet, starts looking elsewhere, or perhaps even senses you might be hesitant or unsure of yourself as far as your selling ...

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How NOT to Inspire a Startup: Employee Motivation Mistakes that can Kill Your Productivity

Everyone knows that keeping your employees motivated is crucial to growing a startup. However, the best way to accomplish this remains a topic of some debate. There are multiple schools of thought on the subject, each with its own record of successes and failures.  However, in my experience, it’s not what you do to motivate your employees that matters so ...

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Figuring Out the Right Time to Ask for Help and Hire a Consultant

As much as an entrepreneur does for his or her company there are times when even an entrepreneur has stepped outside the bounds of their knowledge. This is when a consultant can be called upon to ride up on their white steed and help any entrepreneur sort things out. Sometimes, though, it isn’t clear when a consultant needs to be ...

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The Future of Freelancing – Survey: Caliber of Independent Creative Talent Rising

MENLO PARK, CA — The freelance talent pool has grown stronger, a new survey suggests.  Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of advertising and marketing executives interviewed by The Creative Group said the caliber of independent creative professionals has increased in the last five years; among those, nearly one-third (31 percent) said it has increased significantly. Respondents cited “access to specialized skills ...

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The Difference Between Having a Job and Having a Business

Many have dreams of entrepreneurial grandeur that go something like this – You stomp into your mundane nine to five and hand your out-of-touch boss an effective-immediately resignation letter. You puff up your chest, hold your shoulders back and declare you’re sick of working grueling hours and taking on endless work just to benefit his pocket. You tell him he ...

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Winning at Customer Service – Entrepreneurs Give Tips on Serving Customers the Right Way

Customer service is the key to success in most businesses. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you have a product which you want to sell to the public. Of course, there is always a similar product out there competing for attention. So what exactly can set your business apart? If the price is similar, product, and ways of getting said ...

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The Sequester Deadline Has Come and Gone – What Will it Mean for Small Businesses?

As the sequestration process looms over us, the well-known confrontation between Congress and the White House over the federal budget is once more on the tongues of news anchors and radio personalities across the country as the March 1st deadline has come and gone. With the sequestration in place, automatic, across-the-board cuts to government agencies totaling $1.2 trillion over 10 ...

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Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Give Tips on How to Effectively Network Online

Though there are times when networking online can seem somewhat daunting there are benefits of doing so. Being face to face with a person gives you a sense of who they are. You can play off their facial cues, figure out if they like to joke and generally get a sense of their personality. Online it is harder to do ...

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Fielding the Best Interview Questions from Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

All entrepreneurs and business owners know the feeling of sitting in the seat on the other side of the desk. You sit and you wait as each question comes, coming up with the correct response seems like trying to drive through a minefield at times. Aside from the fear some interviews are able to produce, the act of setting through ...

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Entrepreneurs Help Us Stay Ahead of the Wave By Predicting the Next Big Thing in Social Media

First we had MySpace. It was the one social media platform to rule all the rest. School kids found ways to get past their school’s security settings just to take a peek at their MySpace page. Then there was Facebook and still the Book holds supreme in the landscape of social media. Adding to the mix have been sites like ...

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