What’s Keeping Your Small Business from Succeeding? [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are currently $1 trillion small business loans that are outstanding. Small businesses play an essential part in powering our economy, but only if they can achieve success. Here are a few examples of common mistakes: Keeping Shoddy Records: Entrepreneurs/idea people are not always great administrators Resisting Change: Be immersed in your industry but do not get so close that you ignore trends ...

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Top 5 Office Trends & Items That Will Disappear in the Next 5 Years

The day came when rotary phones were extinct just like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. LinkedIn provided 5 additional items or office trends that you need to be prepared for so that your office isn’t left in the 13th century.

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What Does Being A CEO Mean to You?

CEO Blog Nation launched its “I am CEO” campaign for entrepreneurs and business owners. There is nothing like being an entrepreneur and the captain of the ship. It is a source of pride and ownership and that is why we captured in our battle cry what it means to be an entrepreneur. en·tre·pre·neur  noun ˌäⁿn-trə-p(r)ə-ˈnər, -ˈn(y)u̇r one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks ...

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How Startups & Business Owners Can Use Google for Entrepreneurs

Google recently announced the launch of Google for Entrepreneurs, an umbrella initiative for the company to incorporate all of its programs to support startups, entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe. Google is hoping (1) to partner with strong organizations in local communities, (2) to organize Google-led programs that connect the company’s own teams and tools with entrepreneurs and (3) to ...

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What Does Groupon Entering the Credit Card Payment Business Mean for Business Owners

Last week Groupon made the announcement that they were entering the credit card and debit card processing business to compete with more established companies Square, Intuit and Paypal. According to Gartner, the mobile processing transaction value is expected to surpass $170 billion. The service will be called Groupon Payments and it will allow U.S. restaurants, salons and spas, retailers and other industries ...

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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use the iPhone 5 for Their Business

Even those that have been living under a rock have heard about the iPhone 5 and its record breaking sales figures. Experts and pundits might argue that there aren’t many major changes to the new iPhone (larger display), no one will disagree about its sales. Some would argue that the biggest announcements and changes are actually for iOS 6.  For ...

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Thinking About Exporting? The United States Government Can Help

The United States Government provides free resources to help business begin exporting. Export.gov has resources from across the Federal Government to support American businesses in planning their international sales strategies and succeed in the global marketplace. At Export.gov entrepreneurs and business owners can connect with counselors, market matchmakers, and banks to learn about U.S. government export insurance, working capital loans, and ...

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5 Steps for Creative Problem Solving

Author, Jim Jensen believes that when you unleash the power of your subconscious mind, that unbelievable breakthroughs can result. In his new book, Beyond The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, he builds on the work of Dr. Joseph Murphy, and offers compelling evidence about the relationship between our conscious and subconscious mind.  Jensen provides 5 steps to creative problem solving:  Define the ...

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Amex and AMIBA Team Up to Spark Buy Local

Buying local is a huge initiative for entrepreneurs and business owners. Why should customers and consumers travel hours and hour away from their home when they can get everything they need at local shops and merchants. American Express, the founding partner of Small Business Saturday, and the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), a non-profit that helps communities launch and operate buy local campaigns, have ...

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Source of Entrepreneurial Confidence and Fears [Infographic]

Entrepreneurs and business owners feel more confident when there are resources and infrastructure put in place to make them successful, according to a survey by Edward Jones. Other interesting statistics: Seven in 10 Americans crave more entrepreneurial experiences at work. Only 15 percent think they are ready to take the leap and start their own business, but if given extra help 37 ...

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