Thanks for Killing Our Local Economy, Scrooge

Is it bad for my local economy if I outsource work? Am I as bad as those huge companies everyone seems to hate right now? When I began my own adventure in small business outsourcing, I couldn’t shake the worry of sending work overseas for cheap when I knew plenty of people in Detroit who were looking for work. So…? ...

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Is Your Business Growing? (Growth or Bust: Book Review)

Twitter Review: If your business isn’t growing, @MarkFaustSr provides some “seeds” and nurturing so your business can start. Book: Growth or Bust: Proven Turnaround Strategies to Grow Your Business Author: Mark Faust Pages: 222 pages Twitter Review: If your business isn’t booming, @MarkFaustSr provides some “seeds” and nurturing so that your business can start. Review: Some businesses grow, but most don’t.  Talking to any entrepreneur or ...

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From Unemployed to Self Employed: Weekend Business Plan

These days, the least secure position is a job.  You can lose a job.  The difference between unemployed and self employed?  Nothing.  Why not start your own business?  All businesses, big and small, started with one person and a dream.   You could start a business of your own…and you can do it over a weekend.  It’s a matter of ...

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Success Is In Your Actions And Your Mind (Book Review)

Book: Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power of Total Confidence Author: Tim Sanders Pages: 304 pages Twitter Review: Everything you say, think and do determine your success & confidence and @sanderssays shows how to live a successful and confident life. Review: As sad as it may be this world may not be as positive as it could be.  Sometimes there are circumstances or ...

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The Art Of Testing: Keep Testing Until You Find What Works

Testing is a requirement for entrepreneurs.  Often customers are not sure what exactly they want or don’t want in a product, so it is the job of the entrepreneur to create or provide that product or service.  Even Steve Jobs the famous and renowned entrepreneur that launched successful Apple products like the iPod and the iPad knew that this was the ...

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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs (Book Reviews)

Books: Try! A Survival Guide to Unemployment, Attitude! For Your Best Lived Life, Decided! How To Make Any Decision Author: Karen Okulicz Pages: Each Book is less than 100 pages Twitter Review: The series of books contains basic, but sometimes overlooked information for entrepreneurs to have a positive mindset. Review: The three books are quick and simple to read and provide basic information which could ...

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Is Your Headhunter A Winner or Loser? Four Easy Ways To Tell

Credentials, Clothing, Communication and Ethics and Personal Integrity play a vital role in whether your headhunter is a winner or loser.  Credentials Matter The credentials that your headhunter holds can be an important indicator of work ethic and technical competence.  An undergraduate degree from a good school is great, but an online MBA may point to some tech savvy in ...

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Innovative Leadership – Critical to Address Current Challenges

In this time of dramatic change in our business and government environment, the need for leaders to refine their leadership approach has never been more critical to survival and success of their organizations. Innovative leadership is the type of leadership that allows already successful leaders to raise the bar on their performance and the performance of their organizations. An innovative ...

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How To Increase Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

This guest post was updated September 23, 2011.  The guest post is courtesy of Alana Cash sorry for any confusion. For endurance purposes, making the work environment as comfortable as possible is important – not just ergonomically, but psychologically as well. Entrepreneurs generally work longer hours than employees of their own company and others.  An entrepreneur also has a difficulty ...

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Twelve Ways to Use Entrepreneurial Thinking to Help Our Schools – Part 2

These days, education professionals find themselves struggling to navigate a brave new world of growing challenges and shrinking budgets. One business-world solution can help schools better deal with new challenges from their economic woes: try thinking more like an entrepreneur. (7) Always Look At A New Idea Through Your Constituents’ Eyes. In our world of almost instant computer-driven communications, blogs, chat ...

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