Is Traditional Marketing Dead? 16 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on the Future of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has, for a long time, been the preferred mode of advertising for many businesses. The trend seems to be changing with a lot more entrepreneurs choosing digital marketing due to its cost-effective nature. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing offers businesses an opportunity to interact and get feedback from their target audience. Does this mean the gradual death of traditional marketing? ...

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Is SEO Dead? 20 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on SEO and it’s Future

Critics say SEO is on the verge of disappearance. This is partly due to the rapid changes being experienced such as the increase in voice search. Some will argue against this statement since more platforms such as social media are part of the optimization and their usage continue to rise. We asked entrepreneurs, SEO managers and business owners what their ...

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7 Areas Where Technology is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Digital transformation has been taking place across countless industries for the last several years, and construction is no exception to this new trend. Innovations in business management, job site safety, equipment, and team productivity are all coming together to help construction contractors, project managers, and subcontractors complete jobs more efficiently and safely. Here are seven areas where technology is making ...

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16 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Websites For Business

If you ask several business owners how they started the process of establishing their business, they’ll tell you it started with a domain search. This demonstrates the importance of having an online presence through a website or social media presence. A website is a sure mark of professionalism and gives credibility to the business. We asked entrepreneurs and business owners ...

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How To Create A Small Business Budget

While 91% of start-ups survive their first year, that number will start dwindling until only 4 out of 10 will reach their fifth-year mark. With the top reason for small business failure being poor cash flow management, creating a budget is crucial in making sure your business not only thrives but survives. In this guide, I want to look at ...

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Why Allowing Employees to Work Remotely Facilitates Organizational Growth

Technology offers the benefit of allowing your employees to work remotely, either on a regular basis or whenever the need arises. But did you know that working remotely can actually make your employees happier and more productive? To remain competitive, your company must stay ahead of the curve. Giving employees options for working remotely can be one of the crucial ...

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6 Proven Ideas to Increase eCommerce Conversion

When a potential customer lands on a website, the goal is to convert these visitors into eventual customers. From there, it’s possible to nurture the relationship and maintain their loyalty as a long-time consumer. So, when an Internet user arrives on the website but instead of making a purchase backs out and leaves, it’s a failed opportunity. Not all hits ...

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How a Leadership Development Program Can Influence Your Workplace

Leadership is a value that only a few possess. There are some people who are natural born-leaders, combined with charisma and an ability to mobilize people. Then there are those who want to be leaders. But even with this difference, it does not mean that only those who are gifted with leadership skills can be leaders all the time. A  ...

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20 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts On What’s More Important Between Sales, Marketing and Advertising

At the heart of every successful business, there is a well-laid and implemented marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, most businesses depend on marketing to generate sales in their businesses as well cover the whole aspect of advertising. However, some entrepreneurs find sales to be more important than marketing or advertising mainly because you need sales to generate revenue to ...

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Things To Consider Before Kicking-In With Your Start-up

Starting your own business is both fun and scary at the same time. Being a business organizer can be regretful at times and there are insufficient hours in the day to achieve everything. The things go from enormous triumphs to substantial let downs, in case you’re not powered by passion at all times, the going can become considerably harder. The ...

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