Sales Manager Magic: 4 Strategies for Improvement to Show Your Team

It’s easy to simply describe someone as a natural salesperson, but this ability is often the result of extensive training and application of techniques presented by company leaders. One of the key responsibilities of any sales manager is to turn their workforce into a well-oiled selling machine that operates under cooperative team principles. Each person needs to know what to ...

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13 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Instagram for Business

Social Media is here and it is not going anywhere. Many brands focus on specific social media sites because of the type of updates they can make or the activity level of their target market. Instagram is no different and the photograph heavy site (also short videos) is used by entrepreneurs and business owners to promote brands, communicate with customers and to ...

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Key Tips on How to Survive a Financial Crisis in Business

As we’ve seen repeatedly in the past, a financial crisis in business can be tricky to navigate. History is riddled with the remains of companies that found themselves suddenly insolvent or forced out of business due to liquidity problems. Even though we like to pretend that these crises won’t happen, they never cease to pop up periodically. Sometimes these rough ...

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Why It Makes No Sense to Buy a Franchise

Many people think that buying a franchise is a great and potentially a very profitable business option. However, it’s not so simple. In fact, a franchise is a turnkey business. You give your money, acting as another investor in someone else’s business and you are provided with products for sale. Who are you in this system? You are a sponsor ...

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21 Entrepreneurs Share Advice To New Entrepreneurs

On the way success, there will be lessons learnt since experience is the best teacher. New entrepreneurs can emulate and learn from the experienced entrepreneurs so as to avoid common mistakes that are bound to occur when starting a business. Not only does this save resources, but is also saves time spent in rectifying mistakes and instead new entrepreneurs can ...

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How to Hustle Your Way to Become An E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Ecommerce as an industry is still growing strong. In the past month alone, a whopping 80 percent of Americans shopped online. More importantly, the millennial and the post-millennial population spend close to six hours each week shopping online. This presents an exciting opportunity for hustlers to get in and find success in this industry that is often considered to be oversaturated. Find ...

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Hack and Boost In-office Productivity with A Simple Cleaning Routine

A typical office space would measure its time in coffee cups. In other words, people are generally way too busy to think about the current state of the environment they work in. However, nothing kills productivity faster than cluttered desks and dusty bookshelves, not to mention poor communication and teamwork. The presence of dust and germs can also trigger allergies, ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Help Authoring

To create help documentation is not an easy thing to do even for the most experienced technical writers. This documentation should be clear and precise, explaining every characteristic of the product you sell. When writing this type of content, one must be careful – not all the readers have the same level of technical knowledge. On the other hand, the ...

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Esteemed Executive: 4 Tips for a New Executive Officer

Many people dream of becoming an executive officer or getting promoted though the experience can be nerve-racking. Do not fret about this. Many have been here and survived. You made it here for a reason, so do not lose sight of your own talents. The following are a few tips that may help ensure that you continue to cement your ...

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20 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Would Attribute To Their Success

‘Success doesn’t come on a silver platter’ is a common saying that applies across every field. Often, there will be something to be attributed to your success be it financial, skills, human resources or anything else that helps foster your growth and success. It’s some of these things that make us say, ‘were it not for…. I would not be ...

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