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22 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Attract the Right Clients For Their Business

Finding the clients may sound like a simple process but it requires due diligence to ensure you get the right fit for your business. Picking any clients that come your way may result in poor clients satisfaction and ultimately bad reputation about your business. It’s therefore important to position yourself to attract the right clients for the benefit of your ...

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7 Ways to Handle Clients Who Disappear

As long as you are actively searching for clients to boost your business, you will always encounter those who will just suddenly disappear. There are a lot of reasons why clients just disappeared. There were those who have encountered financial constraints so they have to hold the transaction for a while. Some others have found better options and they have ...

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How to Attract More Clients in 5 Easy Stages

Even if business is booming and your sales are on the rise, you should always be thinking about attracting new clients. Continually sending out the same old marketing email to your existing client base isn’t going to cut it; you need to be thinking about long term growth. So if you haven’t got a plan in place for how to ...

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Attracting and Keeping New Clients

Attracting and keeping good clients take consistent effort. Big businesses and small businesses alike need constant communication with customers to attract new clientele, create loyalty and keep them coming back for more.  Growing your roster requires a marketing strategy that keeps you in the face of your ideal client often.  Major corporations understand this concept. Can you recall day you ...

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