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The Importance of Self-Education

According to a report published in January 2015 by Marketdata Enterprises Inc, the global personal development industry is worth a staggering US$9.6 billion. This figure supports the fact that today, in 2016, in spite of how far we may have come in relation to advancements in technology and business, there has never been a more relevant time in modern history ...

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Tax Expert Offers Tips on Filing Taxes for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Tax season only comes once a year but it’s enough to make most people want to pull their hair out. When you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, tax season can be doubly worse than usual. For anyone having gone through tax season as a first-time entrepreneur then understanding all the little restrictions and regulations is daunting. Without professional help ...

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Five Smart Financing Options for Startups

For every budding entrepreneur sitting on a pile of cash and racking his brains for a viable idea, there are many times more that have brilliant ideas stuck for execution because of lack of cash. Entrepreneurs are also faced with the problem that the traditional banking and finance channels that typically fund industry do not look upon startups with compassion. ...

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Struggling to Get a Decent Return From Your Marketing Dollar? Focus on this Surprising Marketing Channel for the Highest ROI

Does getting a positive ROI out of your marketing efforts feel like an uphill battle? To compete in today’s crowded marketing environment, sometimes it feels like you must invest time and money into mastering countless new platforms and mediums. From display ads to social media to SEO, you feel like you’re on a never-ending roller coaster of new marketing trends ...

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Why True Tax Change Is Unlikely under the next President

As a tax professional, the first Republican presidential debate made two things abundantly clear when it comes to tax reform and the related business incentives. The first is that there is no way we will get major tax reform (i.e., simplification) unless one party controls the presidency and at least one (if not both) houses of Congress. The second is ...

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