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Are You Hiring Candidates with High Integrity?

What should you look for if you want to hire people with high integrity? We could probably all do with taking a little business advice from Warren Buffett. After all, the successful business magnate and investor is the second-wealthiest person in the United States with a net worth of more than $73 billion as of May 2017. With that in ...

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5 Questions To Ask While Hiring a Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing is a lot more than running a blog for your business. It encompasses other areas of marketing like email newsletters, press releases, video marketing and even writing ad copies. The sheer impact of content on your business makes hiring an external agency a critical component of your marketing success. In this article, we will list down five tips ...

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Hire Your Best Employees by Breaking Down Geographic Barriers

The three-word answer you’re likely to get when looking to hire globally is “limitless talent pool”. But you have your doubts. You think “talent pool” actually means “unemployed people and not specialists who can get the job done within your tight budget”. Subsequently, you feel it’s better to stick with local employees. Even if they’re not entirely familiar with your ...

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14 Entrepreneurs Share Tips On Firing a Team Member

Many will attest that firing an employee or a contractor is one of the hardest decisions you can make in your company. One big challenge that you have to cope with is the emotional aspect that accompanies the process. The remaining team members may also not take it positively depending on how you execute the dismissal. So, when is the ...

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How to Build Employer Brand and Recruit Millennials

The days when entrepreneurs could rely only on corporate branding to build successful businesses are long gone. In the last few years, employer brand is becoming increasingly important for business people who want to go one step ahead of their competitors. It’s a relatively new phenomenon which represents a company’s reputation in a job market as an employer. But why ...

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Notable Security Checks: 3 Aspects To Consider The Next Time You Hire

Hiring is a sensitive time for any business or company. It just takes a single action of a careless employee to see your enterprise crumbling from within. Whether it’s from failure to protect sensitive business data that results in security breaches or inability to maintain positive relations with clientele and business partners, the wrong employee can stifle business growth and ...

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5 Simples Steps to Make People Management Easier

Managers have a great number of responsibilities and one of the most challenging and demanding of these is managing members of staff. Most businesses are made up of people with different personalities, varying work styles and motivations. As a manager, it is your responsibility to bring this diverse group of people together to work as a collective unit. This is ...

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Choosing the Best Freelancers for Your Team

As every seasoned manager and CEO knows that having the best mix of employees is what paves the way to success in the long run. No matter how good an idea you have, if you do not have the right employees to see it to completion then it is no good. Many organizations have gone on to hire freelancers. Freelancers ...

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7 Lessons Learned from Managing Remote Talent

How to most efficiently work with remote talent is a question that daunts most experienced managers. After all, managers can’t monitor work on the go, there is is no one-on-one interaction; the employee is not immersed in the culture of the organization, and there are always concerns regarding employee motivation and personal relationship building. In spite of all of the challenges ...

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What to Look For When Hiring a Business Analyst

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 100,000 new management analysts are entering the workforce between 2014 and 2024. Business and management analysts provide critical consulting support and services to businesses in every industry. However, hiring the right business analyst is difficult because there are so many different people calling themselves legitimate and experienced business consultants. Here is what you ...

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