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Why All of Today’s Best Business Leaders Should Give a Damn (about the world)

Social enterprise isn’t just a business option. It’s becoming the only option.   That statement shouldn’t make you nervous — in fact, quite the opposite. If you’re just getting acquainted with social enterprise, welcome! This is a particularly exciting time for business-minded people who also care about doing some good. Why? Because more and more each year, consumers only want ...

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20 Entrepreneurs Explain the Best Traits of a Successful Leader

To be successful as a leader requires a combination of skills and traits to make you outstanding. While there are several challenges that surround leadership positions, some leaders still manage to exhibit traits that best describes them to be successful.  On the same note, we asked entrepreneurs and business owners about the best traits of a successful leader. #1- Four ...

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Younger Results-Driven Leaders More Fun to Work With

“Younger Leaders More Fun to Work With.” It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but it’s the result of a study recently published in the Harvard Business Review. According to the study, leaders younger than 30 years old were two to three times as likely to be both “results-driven” and “fun to work with” as their older counterparts. Why ...

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