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Artists Do It with Their Minds Wide Open

It’s hard to imagine any business that is not struggling with the need to engage in a strategy of perpetual disruption.  A lot of businesses find the new reality of permanent impermanence difficult to cope with because they assume that disrupting is something that you do to others not yourself. It’s particularly difficult to embrace the need for internal disruption ...

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What We Owe Our Workers: Loyalty as Proof of Leadership

Does a business owe its employees more than the law requires? Are there moral demands, which transcend compliance with safety procedures and tax guidelines, a company should follow? The answers to these questions tell us everything we need to know about a brand, exposing the fraudulence of “manufactured devotion,” where workers perform morning calisthenics – and shout, in unison, their ...

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Business Loyalty and Civic Pride, Or: Reasons to Stay Where You Are

What does a business owe a city, when technology can transform “Somewhere” into “Nowhere,” when, with a few digital signatures and attached articles of incorporation, a company can renounce its citizenship, fire its employees and dematerialize like an act of wholesale denial? The warehouses will then empty, the office furniture – the desks, chairs, couches and tables – will be ...

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How Entrepreneurs Plan to Keep Their Team Motivated

For most entrepreneurs, a new year means a fresh start in a lot of ways. There are goals you’ve placed for the year that you’re hoping to accomplish. An entrepreneur may be ready to put their first product into production. A business owner might be putting the finishing touches on a big project for a client. There are a million ...

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How Business Owner and Entrepreneur Motivate Employees [Infographic]

In Lance Trebesch’s June 15 Blog, we all learned all about how NOT to Inspire a Startup. However, while it’s great to know what to avoid, sometimes it’s good to have a plan of action too. The key, as Lance suggested, is motivation. But these days, there are so many opinions and techniques out there that it becomes hard to know ...

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How NOT to Motivate Your Employees

Everyone knows that keeping your employees motivated is crucial to growing a startup. However, the best way to accomplish this remains a topic of some debate. There are multiple schools of thought on the subject, each with its own record of successes and failures.  However, in my experience, it’s not what you do to motivate your employees that matters so ...

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