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5 Ways to Manage Your Budget

Since we were young, our parents have asked us to be on a budget and learn the value of money and even if not that, we have heard them talking about things like this with each other. Until we become old enough to earn, we do not understand how crucial it is to stay on a budget. While we all ...

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5 Steps Entrepreneurs Can Take To Achieve “Flow State”

“Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death“.  Elon Musk Let’s be honest. The path of entrepreneurship is filled with moments of hardship, misery and despair. The odds of success are painfully low, too. It never ceases to amaze me how people are still drawn to play this game many times over, even after ...

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5 Best Ways to Use Writing for Planning Your Best Business Strategies

Today’s marketplace is extremely diverse. There are hundreds and thousands of businesses that are trying to emphasize their brand’s products and services, trying to make a name, and wanting more and more. Because we live in a technological era, where the digital tools are flourishing, we can expect a lot of diversity and variety among businesses. As an entrepreneur or ...

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