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Closed-End and Open-Minded: Successful Financial Communications

As I like to remind readers, and as I have done so here and here, effective communications must be a priority for every executive. And yet, there is a tendency to associate articulateness – never mind eloquence and the mellifluous construction of sentences, which stand as grand edifices of rhetorical power – with slickness, or as some throwaway piece of ...

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The Richness of History and the Sophistication of Modern Business: The Rise of the Emerald Isle

One of the recurrent themes I address in this venue, as both a business leader and as someone who specializes in investor relations (IR), is the necessity of eliminating the gap between perception and reality, reconciling the public’s perspective about an issue and contrary evidence about the very same topic of discussion. Where there is a discrepancy between the two, ...

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International Leadership and Global Credibility: Finding Your Business Soul in Seoul

Executive leadership is not, as I remind my colleagues and friends, the exclusive domain of one city, country or currency. Indeed, an effective CEO has a global perspective with an appreciation for the economic events beyond the Americas: He or she values diversification, and understands that Asia – in all its dynamism, innovation, financial and political influence, and international significance ...

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Communicating Complexity without Complicating Communications: A Snapshot of the World of Finance

Communicating complex matters of finance, investing, portfolio analysis and debt is an exercise in education: Everything hinges on the ability of an organization to convey all manner of issues within the securities industry – compliance, regulatory guidelines, initial public offerings, disclosure agreements and transparency in general – with maximum clarity. This concept of the fund-manager-as-teacher is a critical assignment, particularly ...

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Communicate to Success: The Necessity of Sound Messaging

CEOs have so many roles and responsibilities, punctuated by different styles of leadership and equally divergent beliefs about everything from enhancing productivity and building employee morale to sales and product development. But this diversity is, while a positive example of the richness of humanity, almost beside the point — in one critical regard: The ability to communicate. For, it does ...

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