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5 Ways Snapchat Can Benefit Businesses

Snapchat may seem like a channel that’s limited to socially-savvy millennials, but the continual growth of social media platforms means that more and more of us are making the move online. From helping smaller businesses gain coverage to establishing and growing a brand identity, utilizing social media is proving to be a low-cost but highly-effective form of marketing. Standing out ...

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5 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Use Snapchat for Business

Snapchat is a social media platform that small business owners and entrepreneurs can use in various ways. Its popularity continues to rise every day with its growing usage for business. Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneurs and business owners how they use snapchat for business. #1)- Involve our clients We use Snapchat to let our clients into our day to day ...

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15 Entrepreneurs Predict the next Big Thing in Social Media

First we had MySpace. It was the one social media platform to rule all the rest. School kids found ways to get past their school’s security settings just to take a peek at their MySpace page. Then there was Facebook and still the Book holds supreme in the landscape of social media. Adding to the mix have been platforms such ...

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Featured Post: Snapchat Is The New-Age Marketing Tool For Small Business CEOs

No one ever imagined that an app developed for a smartphone platform would create such a buzz. Snapchat recently rejected a $3 billion offer, which suggests that the creators had more on their minds than just pandering to the iOS and Android app consumer segment. An initial look at the concept can make you think that a majority of the ...

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