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Three tips on how to hire high achievers to suit your business

Silverstreet mobile messaging aggregator and fast growing telecom group, recently advertised several new positions to meet the needs of our exciting expansion. I believe that great people build great companies and hiring the right people to suit the various, and often very diverse, needs of a fast growing organisation can be tricky. Mistakes are often not only costly financially but also ...

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How to Take Back Control of Your Gmail

How to Take Back Control of Your Gmail Uh-oh… Google’s done it again. If you’re using Gmail as many of us do, perhaps you’ve noticed some recent changes. Google recently introduced a significant change to Gmail with the introduction of what they call “tabs.” The idea behind tabs is that Google will sort your email for you and tell you ...

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Think It's Too Early to Prepare Your Business for The Holidays? Think Again

Each and every year more and more shoppers begin their holiday shopping earlier and earlier every year. Why? Because consumers know that they can benefit from great deals throughout the year, even during the early fall. Last year the National Retail Federation estimated that there would be a 4.1% increase in holiday sales while Shop.com expected a 12% increase.  The ...

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Is Facebook Becoming Obsolete for Business?

A few years ago Facebook business pages were just a pipe dream – now everyone who’s anyone has a Facebook fan page, business page, or personal page. If you’re running a business and social media marketing is part of your overall outreach plan, how do you know when to give up the ghost when it comes to investing in Facebook? ...

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6 Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Website

  The advent of the internet and the advances in technology has given business owners and go getters another portal in which to reach people. In addition to spreading messages on foot, you can now spread your messages and offer your products on the World Wide Web. You can invite people to listen, learn and interact with your online presence. ...

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The Last Thing You Want is a Satisfied Customer

Just about every business claims that their customer service is a big reason to do business with them. From the customer’s perspective, however, good service is what they expect to get when they make a purchase in any industry or profession. Yes good or even excellent service may create satisfied customers, but in today’s competitive marketplace a customer who is merely satisfied is very ...

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5 Things You Must Do to Market Your Website

You’ve created a website but suddenly you realize it’s not very helpful if can’t get anyone to visit it. To be successful online having a website is not enough. After all, there are literally hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet. So what things can do to make sure yours gets found? Here are five things you must do ...

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How to Improve Your Company's Brand Image

To understand how to improve your company’s brand image, you’ve got to get an understanding of what a brand is and what it does. You might think it’s just a logo or a symbol that identifies your product and helps it stand out from the crowd – and you’d be right, up to a point. But there’s a bit more ...

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New Business Expenses You Can Expect

Your business will need to be the best to survive. If you do not want your company joining the 25% of new businesses that fail in the first year, you will need to carefully plan and implement your business. The first step to business success is to do what you’re doing now. Research every aspect of your company, so you ...

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Employers: Take Role of Ensuring Employees Make Best Use of Their Earnings

Many employees rely on their employers for information and help understanding important rules and regulations surrounding their employment, pay, benefits and retirement options. Employers can play a key roll in how informed they are by sharing vital information. A few common areas employers can provide some clarity are right to work laws, direct deposit advantages, managing/saving money, and Social Security ...

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