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Times Up! What Do You Really Want?

If you are like most entrepreneurs, when it comes down to it, you are downright scared of being direct and to the point and telling people in no uncertain terms, “Can I have your business? Here’s what I want!”   Think about it.  There’s a conspiracy that encourages people to bury their most important wants and desires. Marketing trainers use ...

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Relaxed Entrepreneurs

The nonstop hours and 24/7 mentality can begin to get to entrepreneurs.  Pursing your passion and trying to change the world can begin to become an extremely demanding experience.  Entrepreneurs can begin to slow down and get frustrated, but there is a way out for entrepreneurs.  There is a way that entrepreneurs can wind down so the hustle and bustle ...

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Most Important Part of Business

Entrepreneurs are often excited when they take the first step to become entrepreneurs and actually incorporate and file their business, but once time wears on entrepreneurs realize that they can’t do everything and that all aspects of a business are not equally important.  Rather there are some aspects of the business that are more important than the other businesses. Q: ...

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Who Knew Business Could Be This Ugly (Book Review)

Book: The Ugly Truth About Small Business: 50 Things That Can Go Wrong…and What You Can Do About It Author: Ruth King Pages: 302 Twitter Review: Quick read that gets to the heart of the ugly of business and gives solutions from the entrepreneurs. Good read! Review: This book is organized like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, but it ...

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Business Can (Or Can't) Innovate Too Much

Businesses are always told to innovate or perish.  There are companies that have gone through struggles largely because of their lack of innovation and there are companies that might innovate too much.  Rescue A CEO had the opportunity to ask entrepreneurs what is the good and bad of each side of the coin.   Q: Is there such a thing ...

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The Future Because of Google +1

Recently, Google made head ways once again for introducing the Google +1 Button. This might be a competition to Facebook and it’s like button. Is this a game changer? What does this mean for business?   Q: What does Google +1 mean for business?  As a marketing consultant, I think the biggest benefit to Google +1 is relevance.  The way ...

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What's Next In Social Media?

You have a Facebook page, and a million followers on Twitter putting you up there with Lady Gaga, but now you have to figure out what is the next big thing in social media you should use to promote your business.   Q: What’s Next In Social Media? When looking for the “next big thing” in social media, it is important ...

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Critical Business Survival Strategies

If you are going through entrepreneurial terror take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.  Others have gone through it before you.  Others will go through it after you. Something happens in your business.  It might be the loss of an employee or a major customer.  It might be a bounced check which means that you can’t make ...

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How Do You Pull A Struggling Company From The Grave?

Your business is on life support and you know that it is struggling.  Maybe you just started to look at the financials or you were embarrassed when you went to the bank.  What are tips that entrepreneurs can use to resuscitate and save their business from the entrepreneurial burial ground? Q: How Do You Pull A Struggling Company From The ...

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Five Support Assets to Look for When Evaluating a Franchise Training Program

Launching a franchise business is a huge undertaking and getting the right training, business development, and marketing support from the franchisor can ease your transition into the business and be a catalyst for success. When evaluating the attributes of purchasing a franchise, look closely at what training programs, materials, and resources are made available to support you throughout the life ...

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