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Effect of Social Media on SEO

Social media and SEO are closely related concepts that emphasize on creating an identity that can naturally attract internet visitors. The success of social media campaigns depends on content and online visibility. Investing in SEO will boost your social media efforts. Your presence on social media has the potential to produce higher search rankings. Social media has proven to be ...

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17 Entrepreneurs Discuss What They Are Thankful For in 2015

With 2015 coming to a close, now is the time to look back on the year and reflect on what the best parts were. For business owners and entrepreneurs it may be driving their business into stability or even beginning their business in the first place. It could be having a strong family or support system around you that helped ...

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4 Steps to Creating an Innovative Business

Creating an innovative business starts with leadership. The type of leadership that creates a greater difference, generates more possibilities in business, in people’s lives, and in the world. This type of leadership is benevolent leadership. Where you create business for the good of all. To be innovative you must be unconventional, otherwise you will be stuck deep in the limitations ...

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How Will Time Affect the Performance of Your Business?

There are businesses that are growing at a very fast rate all over the world. They have a strong presence across the globe. These multinational corporations will always have a headquarter somewhere – in a far away land. As you probably know by now, there are some great time differences in various parts of the world. For example, the time ...

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5 Factors to Ensure Successful Business Strategy Implementation

It is now three times in recent memory that I have heard the same lament from clients: “You won’t believe how much we just spent on XYZ consulting.  They made suggestions on what strategy we need to implement and delivered a 350-page PowerPoint presentation.  Some of the thoughts were insightful, but none of the consultants suggested “how” we could accomplish ...

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7 Tips to Start Your Business off on the Right Foot

If you’re a new entrepreneur, you might wonder how you can start a business on the right foot. A good start will get you closer to realizing your dreams as a successful business owner. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to start a profitable business if you’re willing to put in the necessary work to achieve your ...

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How Big Data Can Help Your Business Grow

Big data is big news, and it has the potential to benefit your business no matter what industry you’re in. With proper analysis, big data can give businesses real insight into all manner of things, helping the C-suite make big decisions that can help their organisations grow. But what is big data? We take a quick look, before explaining how ...

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Personal Cars vs. Mass Transport: Pros and Cons

Transportation is a crucial matter for any person. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a worker, a student or a senior citizen, having access to transportation will greatly help in just about every aspect of your daily life. There are two main ways to get from point A to point B: Use the mass transport system or go for personal ...

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Your Intellectual Property Is Not Communal Property: Protecting Companies from Unfair Competition

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of a company’s ability to innovate, and derive royalties from and adapt to the needs of the marketplace. Rather, the protection of that property – ensuring its integrity through an independent judiciary, and penalizing, through fines and punitive damages, those who violate that autonomy – is an inseparable part of the history of American business. ...

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The Mentor, the Medium and the Message: The Power of Social Media

That social media is a powerful resource is no surprise. We need only watch the movie The Social Network, which now seems like a dated story about the cultural conflict between nerds and jocks (albeit highly intelligent jocks) at Harvard, to uncover the obvious: That social media – namely, Facebook – is more than a billionaire’s plaything; it is, along with so many ...

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