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Tumblr: The Movie Trailer 2013 [VIDEO]

You might have heard of the Social Network and the acclaim it received. Next year be sure to check out the Tumblr Movie. The trailer is below: To hold you over check out the musical:

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Forget 140 Characters. Welcome To The Future!

In the beginning people were excited about blogging, they could write their heart’s desires, but slowly writing is becoming more and more terse.  Why say something in 2 pages when you can say it in in page? Better yet, why say something in 280 words when you can say it in 140 characters? Enter Twitter and it’s revolutionary micro-blogging platform. However, we ...

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Fail Pail

Twitter made the “fail whale” popular and you may have heard of the “fail quail,” HEARpreneur is proud to announce the Fail Pail.  If we are over capacity, you will see the fail pale. HEARpreneur believes this latest example of innovation and creativity will be celebrated by entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Crush The Competition

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Name That Phrase

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Hardly Working: Start-Up Guys [VIDEO]

The best company is one that you don’t understand. Remember “no brand cuffs.”

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The Big Business of Lemonade

Courtesy Verizon Wireless Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Entrepreneurship: Start Young

Why should you wait? If you have a great idea, run with it!

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Rent ‘Em Spoons

In a day where people are always looking for the next big thing, Hearpreneur has found it.  Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Groupon, people eagerly await the next big announcement. Today is that day and the announcement is a new franchise that is quickly growing steam across the United States called Rent‘em Spoon. The store works like this: You ...

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Hearpreneur Throwing Ring Into The Deal A Day Fire

Monday, April 25, 2011 Washington D.C. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Because of all the buzz for sites like Groupon, Living Social and now Google Offers, Hearpreneur, LLC has announced its own Deal-A-Day service.  It’s is called “HEAR We Pay You”. Rather than offer 50% off as most of its competitors, Hearpreneur has plans of offering 150% off or in other words ...

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