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The Pitfalls of Running an Ecommerce Business from Home

Small eCommerce businesses are becoming more popular all over the world with the help of large websites such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy allowing you to advertise and sell your stock at a reasonable rate. The scale of such eCommerce businesses leads many people to set up and run their business from home. The benefit of lower overhead costs and ...

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Spring Cleaning Your Small Business

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs and small business owners are busy people, so making time to organize and declutter their workspace is not very high on their list of priorities. What many fail to understand is that disorganization can be a major detriment to productivity, especially when time spent looking for a specific document or email takes away from the ...

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Featured Post: Improving Productivity in the Workplace

Anyone who holds the role of CEO knows that leading a company into the future is no easy task. CEOs wear many hats; in many ways, they are the business. This being said, no CEO is being honest with himself in believing that he can run the company without the help of vital employees. Whether you want to admit it ...

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Wasting Away: The State of Workplace Productivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Americans work more than almost any other country, but is all that time that is spent in the office really spent on actual work? This infographic by Bolt Insurance explores the current stat of workplace productivity. Here’s more information: Meetings account for 47% of wasted time, office politics 43%, annoying coworkers 36% $1.1 billion per week is lost because of ...

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5 Tips for Entrepreneurial Productivity

We’ve all done it – worked through the day, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, doing everything, but at the same time, having nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Needless to say, this is possibly the most unproductive way to spend your day, and as a CEO, you’re digging yourself deeper ...

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How To Increase Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

This guest post was updated September 23, 2011.  The guest post is courtesy of Alana Cash sorry for any confusion. For endurance purposes, making the work environment as comfortable as possible is important – not just ergonomically, but psychologically as well. Entrepreneurs generally work longer hours than employees of their own company and others.  An entrepreneur also has a difficulty ...

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