What has been the best marketing advice you’ve ever received?

The good news: You have the best product to grace the earth.  The bad news: You’re the only one that knows it.  The advice build it and they will come sounds good but in reality you know that it takes a little more than that to bring in the customers.

What has been your best marketing advice that you heard, tried and executed to take your business to the next level?

Q: What has been the best marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Practice Organic Marketing

Best marketing advice I can share, is organic marketing. Work with topically related businesses and align yourself with meaningful partners. For our business, this thought process includes Bridal Shops, Plastic Surgeons, Hospitals, Oncologists (We see a lot of Breast Cancer Survivors), Photographers, Hair Salons, and Spas. The relationships we have built with these industries far outweigh a radio or magazine ad. Referrals are consistent daily both on-line and in our retail store location. We would have struggled in the last few years if we had not had multiple streams of revenue in place along with our most profound relationships!

Thanks to Alicia Vargo!

Pick Up the Phone

There is a frequently overlooked and misunderstood new business development tool sitting on every business owner’s desk (or in their handbag): The telephone. In today’s difficult economy, cold calling is one of the best new business development tools available. It’s direct, pro-active, inexpensive, efficient and it works. The challenge is that most business owners are not very good at cold calling which is why it does not work for them. The good news is that cold calling is a communication skill and like any communication skill can be learned and improved upon. I have personally cold called to build the business that I have today. In addition, I see my clients using the phone to generate new business–even in today’s difficult economy.

Thanks to Wendy Weiss!

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Identify Your Target Market

This in not so much what I heard but what I tell women who are launching or expanding businesses. Make sure you know who your target market is, be sure to target this market with direct and specific communications, be sure you know what they watch, read, ping, Facebook, or any other media. Don’t try to be the coolest when it comes to marketing, by that I mean, Twitter is cool, but is that where your target market resides? If not, don’t waste your time.

Thanks to Kathy McShane!

Ask ‘Why Does This Matter?'

As a business owner, you intrinsically “get it” about your product or service. It’s your baby, and you automatically understand why every bell and whistle is important and exciting. But your customers don’t automatically “get it.” And frankly, they don’t care. They’re only interested in that age old question, “What’s in it for me?” So as a marketer, it’s your job to connect the dots for the customer and help them to understand why they should care about every bell and whistle – those “features” that marketing pros always talk about. In short, asking “Why does this matter?” helps you produce a more effective marketing message that speaks your customer’s language.

Thanks to Beth Carter!

“Touch” Your Customers At Least 10 Times

The best marketing advice I ever received was that customers need to see a product at least 10 times before they will buy it. Therefore, new businesses need to build layers of marketing.

Thanks to Christy Cook!

Have a Good Website

Best advice I have ever received regarding marketing? A good website isn't cheap but a cheap website ain't good.

Thanks to Ian Knight!

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Use Google Alerts

Set up a Google alert for free. Have the alert relate to something about your product or service. When you receive an e-mail alert that means that an article has been written. Read that article and make a comment on the bottom of the page. Always say something like that was a very informative article. In your comment tell just a little how your product or service relates to the article. Do not make it too commercial or it will not be printed. This has worked for me hundreds and hundreds of times and has led to some major publicity about our product.

Thanks to David Klein!

Get Involved In Your Community

My best advice is to get involved with the people you serve – community and causal marketing.

Thanks to Scott Anthony!

Rise Above the Noise

The best marketing advice I was given and have since followed is to rise above the noise of a hot, cluttered category by owning the industry problems and positioning your company as the thought leader of that category.

Thanks to Thomas Butta!

Guest Blog

This is for the bloggers out there, or even the freelance writers. Guest blog on other blogs largely related, or semi-related to your websites niche. Opening other people’s eyes to your name and your website is always good promotion, especially if you’re an awesome writer. Not to mention networking with other bloggers is great for business as well.

Thanks to Alec Hess!

Have a Facebook Fan Page

The best marketing advice I’ve gotten that has worked really well is to have a Facebook fan page for the product. I’ve received so many sales, emails and support from people who look at the page on a daily basis. I can post new product announcements and keep folks connected to my brand.  The other is having specialized business with product info on them. I hand them out to whomever I meet, and it’s helped word out mouth business!

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Thanks to Rob!


Clarity, Branding & Relationships are Essential to Long-Term Success

Clarity, branding and relationships the 3 most important things that will ensure your companies long term success. So you built the best [blank]… but who is your client? You love your logo… but what do potential clients, vendors, employees and shareholders think. You know this will help people… but you have not forged the relationship with them yet.

Thanks to Kevin Huhn!

Be an Educator, Not Primarily A Marketer

Be an educator, not primarily a marketer by speaking, writing, and getting media. Next, promote to buyers who do know what they are, which in our case are hospitals, schools, therapy centers, clinics, etc.  In short, the medical community.

Thanks to Eileen Parker!

Get Advocates

You don’t want loyal customers, you want advocates for your product or serve. The most effective form of advertising is WOM-Word of Mouth. You want your customers selling your products to their network. My entire consulting practices is based on referrals and that came about from Word of Mouth networking with my Advocates-It works. You may have to give away samples or heavily discounted products and services to “prime” the sales pump, but it will come.

Thanks to Robert Nitschke!

Show People How They Can Become Great

The best marketing advice I’ve ever received was that you’ll be far more successful by showing people how they can become great than you will by telling them how great you are.

Barry Maher


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  1. The best advice I learned early on and have become a HUGE advocate of is what we call "Influence the Influencers."  Look at your target market and then look above them to the group that influences them; these are people or groups or companies who they know, like, and trust since right now that's not you! Then connect with the influencers and show them how you help those they influence and it becomes a win/win.   

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