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Entrepreneurs are often excited when they take the first step to become entrepreneurs and actually incorporate and file their business, but once time wears on entrepreneurs realize that they can't do everything and that all aspects of a business are not equally important.  Rather there are some aspects of the business that are more important than the other businesses.

Q: What is the most important part of a business? 

Your Operating Agreement

Once your LLC is filed, make sure you have an operating agreement in place. You operating agreement is the blueprint for your LLC. Creating your operating agreement takes some time and planning, but it is vital. Once you create it make sure that all the members and managers of the LLC sign it.

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Spread the Word

If you will soon be opening you doors for business, spread the word and let the world know! Verbally, Social Sites, Family, Friends, In every conversation wherever you go, Flyers, Press Releases, etc. You have got to let people know. That is your first main focus. No business – Then you're out of business

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Sales and Marketing

Once you have outlined your business process so you don't get hung up on details, THE MOST important thing you can focus on is sales and marketing.  Sales and marketing are your twin tickets to freedom as I teach in my business coaching training to clients.  Without sales and marketing you are dead in the water. Period!

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Your Brand

The most important part of business – especially in the start up stage – is knowing your brand and making all crucial decisions based on building that brand. This includes – utilizing your brand in the story you want to tell, the product you want to sell, and the service you want to provide. Your brand is the personality of your business and should show through in all flyers, your website, your office, and your staff.

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