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The nonstop hours and 24/7 mentality can begin to get to entrepreneurs.  Pursing your passion and trying to change the world can begin to become an extremely demanding experience.  Entrepreneurs can begin to slow down and get frustrated, but there is a way out for entrepreneurs.  There is a way that entrepreneurs can wind down so the hustle and bustle of “being the captain of your own fate” doesn't do them in.

Q: How do entrepreneurs relax?

As an entrepreneur, the only way I truly relax is by stepping away from the blackberry. I like to turn it off for short periods, so that I can focus on unwinding. Whether it is playing a game with my son, reading the newspaper or doing a workout, they all help me to relax and unwind but the blackberry has to be out of the equation to truly get into the relaxation zone!

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Your body, mind and soul is like a Ferrari, you need to fuel it with energy, endurance and performance with the food groups. Freestyle cooking and eating healthy releases stress, nourish the body and regroup your thoughts. This is a real lifestyle for success!

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They need to create experiences that are strong enough to divert their attention from business. Here are a few examples of ways to make relax-and-unwind experiences more likely to happen:

– Create a place that is comfortable and welcoming, with books, magazines, music, photographs and other “treasures” that are NOT about work. Most importantly, make a point of being in this space each day as a way brining in non-work “content” into your life. (by the way, I call these centers of re-balancing energy “campfires” which, like the logs and sticks varieties, draw you in for positive experiences.)

– Schedule play, just like you'd schedule meetings. Whether it's playing golf or doing a weekend getaway, it's so important to take a break. By this, I DON'T mean killing two birds with one stone by inviting a client to play tennis, I mean getting together with someone for the sheer pleasure of it! No business, just fun.

– It's easy to let the work day slide from the 9 to 5 to the 7am to 10pm. It's just as easy to end up grabbing a protein bar and some take out instead of taking the time to enjoy a meal. Before heading to your desk in the morning, set a place for yourself for lunch or dinner and plan to take that break. Turn on some music or open the windows and give yourself a chance to shift gears.

– And speaking of open windows, with all the technology that comes with any entrepreneurial venture, the easiest way to rebalance is to shut off the i-phone, close up the i-pad and add a strong dose of nature to your day. It could be by eating that meal outdoors, even taking that sandwich to the park and “copping a squat” as Julia Roberts showed Richard Gere or by starting the day walking in the park instead of on the treadmill.

Hope this is the kind of stuff you're looking for. Many entrepreneurs are trying to use their money wisely, so one thing to note is that none of these ideas costs a cent.

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I think the constant stress can actually be a high for some of the entrepreneurs I have known. But if they are interested in relaxation they might try some simple techniques like a digital sabbatical – say on Sunday they actually turn it all off and focus on family and friends. Another way to get some renewed joy is to schedule “Me Dates”, the gym, the spa, the cafe in the morning – make it a date and don't let anything get in the way of going. Also, just hanging around other happy, noncomplaining people, can be a HUGE boost to your sanity. If someone is constantly saying they hate the drama… they might be causing it… back away slowly!

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Stress costs American businesses $300 Billion per year, according to the American Institute of Stress. Somecompanies, such as Google and IBM, encourage mind body training and relaxation techniques for their employees to lower these costs. Take a couple minutes out of each hour to recharge your inner battery with mindful stretching, offerings of gratitude, prayer or meditation. If you have employees, encourage them to take brief wellness breaks as well. This will accumulate peace instead of stress. You'll notice after a month or so that your productivity and efficiency is rapidly and steadily improving.

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