Don't Just Sit There. Go For It! (Book Review)

Title: Go For It! A Practical Guide to Success for Everyone

Author: John J. Tassone

Pages: 163

Category: Business and Motivation


  •  “faith is a state of mind, and you become what you feed your mind”
  •  “successful people are people who form habits of doing things that failures don’t like to do”
  •  “I firmly believe success is when other people seek you out for your advice, your opinions, your help, and your guidance.”
  •  “90% of people making 100,000 or more are in sales
  •  “When situations arise, look for the good in them rather than focusing on the negatives.”
  • “Get pumped up, stay pumped up.  Be enthusiastic. Attend seminars on positivity.”



Mr. John Tassone writes about his experiences in business. He was struggling with finances and at the behest of a friend and with much trepidation, took a $300 crash-course in insurance which he surprisingly liked it. He went on to work for a company in which, as he tells it, he performed excellently; this lead to a dispute with upper management, of which he was ousted from. He then went on to start another company, which he again had issues with the board of directors and was ousted. Finally, he started a third company, which after a period became moderately successful.


Written from personal experience, it begins with motivation, most of which many of us have heard repeatedly, about being positive and avoiding negative situations. The the book gives strategies on keeping yourself motivated and quite a few other encouraging anecdotes thrown in. Where it separates from others is in the last few chapters where he gives detailed strategies on sales, from how to close a deal to what condition your vehicle should be in when you arrive. He covers phone skills for phone sales and a myriad of other sales scenarios. It is written in plain language for those don’t read Greek classics in their leisure, and is short, practical and to the point. It can be well understood in a quiet afternoon at the park.


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  1. Powerful quote: successful people are people who form habits of doing things that failures don’t like to do.

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