5 Business Ideas to Start Your Business This Weekend

It's possible that you've always wanted to start a business or maybe you've recently been laid off or are looking for a new challenge. Regardless of your reasons, sometimes the more difficult decision is determining what business that you want to start. Here are 5 businesses you can start today without a small-business loan.

  1. Selling Unused Books or Electronics – It is extremely easy to create an account with or even brick and mortar business like 2nd & Charles and pawn shops are good place to go to sell your old books, electronics, video games, cell phones and even movies.
  2. iPhone Repair – You might have missed it, but the iPhone 5 is pretty popular. If you have experience and are able to find clients repairing Apple products can be profitable. As business grows, you can expand to Android phones.
  3. Website and/or App Design – If you have experienced working on websites or phone applications, you can get your business started very quickly.
  4. Event Planning Business – Are you very meticulous and plan all of your outings? Maybe you should look into starting an event planning business. If you need a client to get started, volunteer your services for free for a testimonial. It is a good way to earn extra revenue.
  5. Tutoring & Educational Support – Did you score high on the SAT or did you even do well in Algebra or were you an English major? Start a tutoring business and charge your students by an hourly fee.


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  1. Of course, starting a business in these sectors is by no means a guarantee of success; nor can we be certain that these sectors will take off as forecasts and anecdotal evidence suggests. To succeed as a start-up, no matter what your specialism, you need the right business model, pricing, positioning, product or service, and a lot of hard work to stand a chance of success – and it’s crucial to thoroughly assess the viability of your idea before you take the plunge.

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