What You Can Do for Small Business Saturday

One of the busiest weekends for shopping would have to be the weekend following Thanksgiving. In the US, small business owners will offer really good deals and discounts for shoppers. This day is commonly known as the Small Business Saturday. As what most people think, it’s a perfect day for each and every individual. Business owners gain sales and give jobs to locals.

In the year 2010, AMEX (American Express) started the whole idea of a Small Business Saturday. This event was created so that small business owners can gain exposure. It’s the perfect opportunity because Thanksgiving is a big holiday. There was a great turnout of the event. From there, the tradition continued for small business owners. Surprisingly last year, more than 100 million individuals participated in the Small Business Saturday. People were shopping from independently-owned business.  What’s great about it is that small-scaled entrepreneurs are equipped with easy-to-use tools from American Express. This helps their business gain more sales throughout the given day.

So how come more and more small-scaled business owners are participating in this event? The Chamber of Commerce across the country promotes the support of small businesses to consumers on this day. Huge national retailers have already made a name in several areas. This is one of the hindrances of small-scale businesses. Small retail shops don’t have similar popularity to those big establishments. As a result, job losses are rampant and small businesses close down. That’s why, this day is created so that the community can come together and support small business owners. It’s the perfect time to gain exposure and let the community know the great products and services small businesses provide.

Considering that it’s a Small Business Saturday, business owners need to make the most out of it by gaining more sales and exposure. That is possible if business owners prepare ahead of time. One strategy is to know well enough about target customers. Regular customers come to shop at small businesses because they like what is being sold. Observe what they frequently purchase. Those products should be the highlight on the Small Business Saturday. Such products will attract potential customers. In addition, it gives business owners a better way to position products, create marketing campaigns and operate well on the event.

Another great idea that you can do on Small Business Saturday is to find new customers and establish a local following.  No matter how one looks at it, it’s an event that could boost a small business owner’s presence in the community. Be creative in creating marketing offers. Always think out of the box in order to encourage new prospects to come to your business. As a result, repeat business is possible.

Being successful in Small Business Saturday is possible if you make use of several resources. For one, you can make use of the resources offered by AMEX. You could use a marketing kit and personalized ads for free. The marketing kit offered includes ideas on how to reach potential customers. Signage, logos, and even social media copy are offered.

There’s no denying that Small Business Saturday is a great marketing strategy. It leaves everyone happy. Consumers get to enjoy what they shopped. Business owners gain more profit. Last but not the least, local jobs are offered.

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