Employer Hero Launches 10,000 Answers.com.au – Australia’s First Free Advice Centre for Australian Employers

Sydney, Sep 5, 2013….Australian SME businesses can now breathe easier with the launch of 10,000 Answers.com.au(www.10000answers.com.au) Australia’s first free online website advice and resource centre for employers. Backed by Employment Hero’s team of lawyers, HR specialists, payroll and safety experts, the website answers questions on employment management issues for free. Designed to reduce stress on SME business employers, it provides much-needed and now easy-to-find information on complex workplace questions.

“It’s hard enough to run a business without worrying about whether or not you’re doing all the right things as an employer.  And the Australian employment landscape is one of the most complex systems in the world,” says Employment Hero CEO Solicitor Ben Thompson.  “SME businesses are the backbone of Australian economy but with limited funds and resources they need our support. We wanted to take some of the pressure off and provide business employers with the information they need so they could concentrate on running their business.”

Clearly organised under relevant employment categories, 10,000 Answers.com.au is the first stop for Australian legal and HR information with answers available when they need it most. Employers are also invited to submit their own question should they not find the information they are seeking, at no cost.

The response, by either an employment lawyer, HR specialist, payroll or safety expert depending on the query, will be emailed to them within a few days, and posted on the site to add to the ever-growing reference centre.  Over 300 questions have already been answered.

10,000 Answers.com allows employers to ask questions anonymously.  However information in the site can’t be taken as legal advice and is not intended to act as or replace legal advice taking into account an individual’s specific circumstances.

“With each new question submitted, Employment Hero will also donate $1 to True Blue Dreaming, which supports and strengthens young lives in rural and remote communities

“The Australian business owner is the real hero today,” adds Ben. “Our goal is to make their lives easier.  We hope to ease their burden and strengthen the community by sharing this knowledge and giving them greater peace of mind.”

Although the 10,000 Answers site has already accumulated hundreds of non-billable hours, and they anticipate many more man-hours to come as they answer many more questions, Employment Hero is committed to providing this valuable employment information for free to the Australian small business community.

Employment Hero is a subsidiary of Employment Innovations with over 20 years of experience and expertise servicing small businesses in Australia.



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