How Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Use Their Phone for Business

Owning a business is not what it used to be. Today, entrepreneurs and business owners are leveraging technology to become more effective and efficient in their ventures. There are apps to invoice, process payments, make phone calls, update to social media and even save files. Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneurs how they were using their smart phones for their businesses.

My Cell Phone is My Life Line

Courtesy Angela Hadl
Courtesy Angela Hadl

As the owner of a boutique marketing consulting company, I must be able to be efficient and effective on the go. My cell phone is my life line 24/7. In order to create this mobile office I have downloaded apps that not only are productive, but are easy to use and sync. My top apps are Egnyte, Squarespace, CamScanner, DropBox and Facebook Pages. Each one is used to manage multiple accounts at one time. I am able to access files and post them on social media. I am able to immediately scan a placement and send it to a client. I am able to see traffic levels of all the websites my company manages so I can create more strategies while on the go. My cell phone keeps me relevant and always on the job for all of my clients.

Thank you to Angela Hadl, Dive Mktg

To Record, Make Calls and Record Expenses

Courtesy Maura Thomas
Courtesy Maura Thomas

A smartphone voice recorder is great for capturing random thoughts. Just be sure to email the recording to yourself, so that you don’t have to remember to listen to the messages somewhere else. The Voice Recorder app that comes with iPhone has this capability (you can also email the recordings to others), as do apps for Blackberry (check out VR+ Lite) and Android (try Easy Voice Recorder). There are also quite a few apps that work well for business. The Google Voice app for your smartphone allows you to make calls from your phone, but have your Google Voice number show up in the caller ID instead of your cell phone number. Google Voice allows you to avoid using your personal cell number for work/business. Get a free number that you can forward to your cell when you want, or forward to a co-worker’s phone or receptionist when that’s more appropriate. This gives you the flexibility to take calls while out of the office only when you choose, while still protecting your personal numbers and your personal time. Another great app is Expensify, which is the fastest and easiest way I’ve found to keep track of expenses,and it will automatically create your expense report for you. If you need to track your mileage for business or tax purposes, try MileBug. It creates mileage reports for you with the push of a button.”

Thank you to Maura Thomas,

To Improve My Responsiveness

Courtesy Robert Maher
Courtesy Robert Maher

I use my smartphone as an integral part of my business. As a solo practitioner attorney, I am out of the office, in court, or meeting potential clients regularly. My smart phone gives me access to my e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts when I am out of the office. I also forward my calls to my phone when I am out of the office so that I can respond to client concerns and phone calls immediately. Responsiveness is one of the real benefits of retaining a smaller law firm to handle your legal matters. There are apps that help with practically every area of my practice, and the smart phone provides access to those tools.

Thank you Robert J. Maher, Law Office of Robert J. Maher

Check E-Mails, Calendar & More

Courtesy Scott Behren
Courtesy Scott Behren

What do I not use for smart phone for. As a business litigation/trial lawyer, I check e-mails habitually, have my entire calendar on it, have all of my contacts on it, post social media posts for business on Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin, check bank balances and transfers on CHASE app. Its my drug of choice.

Thank you to Scott M. Behren, Esq., Behren Law Firm!

Invoicing, Picture Update & Staying in Contact

Courtesy of Veronica Roper
Courtesy of Veronica Roper

We created Royal Pet Care LLC to be able to provide quality pet sitting while our client are out of town. It is important for us to be available all the time given the nature of our business and we wanted the freedom of being able to work from anywhere. We use our phones to invoice clients, send picture updates, quick communication and to keep in contact with our sitters. We work on our phones so much we even have a mophie (extra battery pack) to get us thru the day.

Thanks to Veronica E. Roper, Royal Pet Care

I Use My Smartphone to Close Deals and Go Green

I constantly work on the go because my company Alitt Insurance has three locations in Southern California to help local businesses and residents obtain a variety of coverage. As a small business owner juggling multiple hats, I have really benefited from using smartphones to help me streamline business operations. One of the most valuable mobile apps I have used for my business is eFax, an online faxing service for SMBs, because I can sign off on important documents and receive faxes in my email inbox as long as I have data or Wi-Fi. I remember I even closed deals on a cruise and at a Paul McCartney concert in the U.K. thanks to my phone and eFax! In addition, the insurance industry involves a lot of paperwork, and by using online fax, I save money on paper, fax machines and toners for my offices. I also feel good being a socially responsible small business owner as my company has gone paperless to save trees in the past two years.

Thanks to Beth Ann Alitt, Alitt Insurance

Which Phone?

Courtesy Gary Pudles
Courtesy Gary Pudles

I live and die by my mobile phones. Yes, I said phones. I am usually talking on one while texting or tweeting on the other! The truth is mobile phones have vastly improved the way I communicate with my employees and business partners. I am rarely out of touch-whether on email, text, Twitter, or Facebook-and its help me be a more effective leader. Now, as a partner in a company that provides a cloud-based texting platform for businesses, I can only imagine that mobile phones will continue to grow and eventually become the most effective tool for an entrepreneur today.

Thanks to Gary Pudles, TextGen

It's My Daily Office

Courtesy Paris Nicole Payton
Courtesy Paris Nicole Payton

I use my mobile phone 24/7 for my business.   I have to stay connected via several social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I utilize heavily HootSuite and Buffer to distribute daily my public relations news, updates and announcements.  I am useless without my mobile phone.  It’s my daily office to conduct conference calls and meeting via Skype. My mobile phone is my office; where I conduct my business mobile. I travel to my clients, so I must always be accessible to my clients.  In addition, my mobile phone allows me to share quickly breaking news or showcase an event while live.  Without my mobile phone, I would not have much of a business.

Thanks to Paris Nicole Payton, PNP Agency

To Get My Business Started

Courtesy Nicole Raymondi
Courtesy Nicole Raymondi

As a solo entrepreneur always on the run my smartphone has become my most essential business tool. When I first started my business I found a suite of business apps, created by, that offers great advice on anything from marketing, fundraising, and business planning. I began using their business ideas app initially to develop my idea and have been returning to the apps daily ever since. As a “one man show” I have a lot of questions and they always get back to me quickly with insightful answers. I
also use my own app, Quotiful, an app that makes quotes social, to feel inspired throughout the work week or to just check out and relax while I read through posts from our community. With this suite of business apps and inspiration from Quotiful, I can make it through the crazy life of an entrepreneur!

Thanks to Nicole Raymondi, Quotiful


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