The Best Ways for Attracting Customers to Your Mobile Website

20141840_m (1)Mobile users are everywhere. You can’t go out into public now without seeing someone walking and texting on their phone, talking, or browsing the web to look for information. Sides are split on whether this new lifestyle is a healthy one, but in the context of business it can be seen as a positive. Having the ability to reach a customer on the go may be the difference between a big sale and letting that customer slip by.  Businesses have become more and savvier in their understanding of how to attract mobile customers. Having unique coupons and offers are a major start when you’re trying to attract customers in. But how exactly should you go about getting customers to view your business website while on the go? Bringing in customers to your website can prompt them to visit or sign up for more information. And this fact brings them one step closer to becoming a customer of your business.

Every good marketing tactic includes getting customers to sign up for newsletters or opting-in for information and new products your business may have in the future. There’s a variety of ways to invite customers into receiving the information your business has to offer. Everything from the occasional newsletters to social media, each has benefits and each gives you a better reach of your customer base. Alen Malkoc of Optyn comments on the fact that having a reachable audience is major plus. “It’s important to have a multi-pronged approach and include various outlets such as email marketing, social media, and regular postings to sites (like reddit) that are specific to your audience. The most important factor in succeeding and making sure you can have an effective reach is to increase your “Reachable Audience”. Basically, try to get people to opt-into receiving promotional messages from you whether it's email, social media, or other programs that allow you to directly talk to your existing and potential customers.” A reachable audience is more likely to be active in social media and take your business up on the offers of coming in to try new products or use the coupons you’ve provided – all from the comfort of your website.

18523989_ml (1)Of course, social media isn’t the only way to get your business noticed online. While it is important to stay on your social media game, keeping your SEO tactics strong can also keep your business on the minds and in the searches. Having a solid SEO will help rank your website better than most. The majority of smart phones have the ability to search using Google, or any other search engine. Some phones may even have apps dedicated to searching, like Google Search. Vin Ferrer, Social Media Strategist for Graphic D-Signs, Inc. notes this very fact. “Social media content posting certainly does go a long way for getting you noticed via mobile, but old-fashioned organic SEO is an excellent way to still go. Google is still a major site visited via Safari on iPhones and other browsers on Android & Mobile devices, as are the actual Google search mobile apps. The mobile interface puts a limit on display, so higher page rank is even more of a factor; yet, a number of steps can be taken to boost your organic SEO rankings. Our agency implements a detailed 50+ -point checklist for SEO-charged web development, which puts the client in a great spot right off the bat.”

Another huge way to invite users to your mobile business is creating an appropriate App that also ties in with your business. A marketplace they can easily shop on or an app that promotes special deals and serves as an extension of your main site. COO of Bizness Apps, Zach Cusimano, explains the benefits of having an app for your business. “Starting with push notifications the business can notify clients of in-store specials, new products or just use them as a way to engage clients during off hours. From there they can offer a variety of promotions to mobile users through such features as QR coupons, Loyalty tabs or GPS coupons, basically rewarding their clients for higher engagement with the business. Their mobile apps can also contain interactive features such as a fan wall or email photo tabs, allowing clients to post immediate feedback to the business while they're still in-store. Businesses can also take steps to promote in-store shopping or visits by allowing clients to make orders or reservations through their mobile apps.”

The benefits of grabbing the attention of mobile users are important for the health of your business. As you can see from the advice above, there are a variety of ways to do so. Everything from SEO focus to creating an app that will help spread your business even further, each has their own benefits and each can form a strong platform for attracting mobile users to your site.

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  1. One of the simplest way to attract customers to your mobile website is the design. Make it responsive and use less heavy files. Say no to Java Scripts. And yes, try to put whatever information you want to share in a simple way. Your customers should feel your website is exceptionally good and useful.

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