Why Marketing Is Important In Business?

Marketing in the world of business is part of what makes a business go. That shop around the corner might not have a huge budget for business, but it has worth of mouth and social media to keep it going. Multi-million dollar businesses have to find one way to make an impact and show their brand is different from all the other multi-million dollar ideas. It doesn’t matter if your business is at the top of the heap or working its way up the ladder; marketing can make or break a business when it comes right down to it. Marketing is also so ingrained in the world of business that sitting down to consider just how important it is to the world of business. We asked a few entrepreneurs and business owners for their view on just what makes marketing such an important part of their business, and business in general.

The primary goal of marketing is to introduce the public to your product and your business. Otherwise it stands to reason that your business will have zero customers. Nick Whitmore of knows that without marketing there really is no business. “Marketing is really important because without it, you can offer the best products or the most amazing service, but if no one knows your company exists, you will make no sales. Such is the power of marketing that companies selling far inferior products and services can do lots better than yours ­ simply because they have a vast marketing budget. So, if you¹re serious about running a successful business, you¹ve got to invest in marketing to get the message out there that your business actually exists! If people don¹t know it¹s there, you won¹t have any customers ­ it¹s simple, really.”

Another use of marketing comes into play when business owners and entrepreneurs use it as a way to show off how well their company can handle a certain issue their client is having. Marketing becomes a platform to show how well your company can adapt to whatever is thrown at it. Paul Lawrence Vann of Wealth Building Academy, LLC, uses marketing for just that reason. “As a business owner, marketing is the lifeblood of a company because it gives entrepreneurs a platform to share how they can solve client problems, issues and matters. I use the always be marketing (ABM) approach which include providing expert interviewing on radio, TV, magazines and newspapers, online and offline. For example, the focus of marketing efforts include providing value and benefits to one's target market, so they are aware of your company as the go to source to assist and help them maximize their human potential and or improve their bottom line. Marketing helps business owners get their message out in a bigger way; it’s the voice of business owners for the clients and communities they serve. Marketing is an important part of business because it lets prospective clients know who you are and what you provide to help them solve problems.”

Marketing can also be used to directly shape the view customers and clients have of your company. You can show them your promise and commitment to a project and give them insight as to your method. Denise Blasevick of The S3 Agency makes use of marketing to help mold the perspective of her business. “As the owner of an ad agency whose core competency is helping businesses with their branding and marketing, I can tell you first-hand how important marketing is. Marketing allows you to shape the view others have of your company, telling them: what they should think of you, what they can expect from you, how you're different from your competition. It lets you tell the story of your brand promise, and of course it's up to you to make sure that brand promise is exactly what people experience when they engage with your company. Even though marketing can be specifically targeted to more than one group, the overall branding message that it connotes should be the same and cause an overall perception of who you are. In addition to helping outside audiences know you, marketing helps define your essence to the employees who are expected to deliver that experience to your customers. If your team doesn't have a clear vision of your brand, they can't portray that image in unison. Short and sweet: marketing lets you tell people, internally and externally, exactly who you are and how you stand out.”

The importance of marketing is overwhelming and its uses are greatly varied depending on what your business is. No matter how you view marketing as a business owner or entrepreneur, the importance clear. Marketing is the lifeblood of a business and can help your business along or stop it in place.

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