What Do Conventional Money Maxims Mean for Real Business Success?

When working on growing your business, it is important to be future oriented and optimistic about what lies ahead. You can appreciate and learn from the past while living in the present and focusing on the future. So, how much weight can be put into some of the most popular financial phrases we’ve been hearing for decades? Not much at all. To make sure you are able to build wealth with your business, it is important to take a closer look at some of the phrases you might not have ever before given a second thought to.

Money doesn't grow on trees

Great business owners know that figuratively speaking, money does grow on trees; and the trees are ideas. Money is a tool of liberation. It is something for your business to accumulate. That’s why it is important to build your business around something that you love, not simply something that you excel at. You will then be able to focus your business on creating new ideas that have the potential of generating abundant success and wealth.

More Money, More Problems

Running your own successful business does not mean that you are a workaholic overloaded with so many problems they don't have time to enjoy life. In fact, running a successful business will certainly make you a lot of money which will give you more control over all aspects of your life. The more money you have, the fewer problems you have to personally address. Earning more money through your own business does not mean that you are greedy and self-serving. It means that you are a smart business owner making the money to give you the ability to do what you want, when you want, without limitations.

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It Takes Money to Make Money

To make money, all that you really need to have are great ideas that solve problems. Once you have those ideas, smart business owners know that they need to put a team together to build real wealth. Business owners who focus much of their efforts on finding the right people to leverage their solutions, actions and ideas, are the ones who will make real money. That is what it takes for your business to succeed. Business owners make their money through ambition, drive and vision. They take full responsibility for their own results and direct their mental energy toward making a lot of money. That is what it takes for your business to thrive.

Another Day, Another Dollar

The average worker believes the only way to make more money is to work more hours. But great business owners know that to make big money and have true business success requires thinking about it in non-linear terms. Do not simply trade time for money. You need to be a master at generating money through ideas that solve problems. Since many business owners think about making money in a linear fashion, they never invest the necessary efforts to create high impact solutions. Business owners who do, have the potential to be as successful and as wealthy as they want. Those business owners solve the seemingly unsolvable, with no limits and no boundaries. With that kind of non-linear thinking, two and two no longer equals four and anything becomes possible. In running your business, you need to be a master at taking a single idea and leveraging it so many ways that it is difficult to identify its point of origin.

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So, when focusing on the future, to make your business a true success, throw out the old ideas and come up with your own new ones. Building a successful business, and keeping it growing requires an understanding that money is a positive tool that has the power to create freedom and opportunity. But you need to be sure to find problems that are profitable to solve and spend your time solving them. When it comes to earning money for your business, never look at money from a fear and scarcity point of view.

Steve Siebold is author of How Rich People Think, and a self-made multi-millionaire who has interviewed more than 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people over the past 30 years. 

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