6 Tech Tools for Tech-Savvy CEOs

Today’s success-driven CEOs understand that a business is best run using modern technology. Choosing the right tech tools for your business will be fun, but it won’t be easy. Gadgets and gizmos are invented daily, but only a few have the power to be useful within your business infrastructure. The following are truly useful tools for technically savvy business leaders. Allow these suggestions to provide a framework for any future technologies you may want to consider for your growing business.

Screen Sharing Tools

Businesses that use a screen sharing provider often report more success in their meetings, as screen sharing is a useful tool for sales demos, collaborations and online meetings. CEOs are encouraged to train their staff in screen sharing, as this technology promotes full team collaboration, as remote product demonstrations by your sales staff.

Voice-to-Text Technology

Time is wasted transcribing recordings. Whether those recordings are voicemails, meetings, or presentations, it takes too long to transcribe these recordings, and paying third-party transcriptionists is expensive. Instead, get your hands on some modern voice-to-text technology. This technology continues to help CEOs make better choices, and it continues to modernize with new advancements. For example, there are now mobile assistants, which allow you to transcribe everything from social media posts to text messages.

Automated Tasks  

Save time with software designed to automatically open programs, perform simple tasks, and create service workflows. Automated programs can do a number of mundane tasks, which will free up your employees for more productive work. An automated program isn’t going to handle your company’s complicated functions, but it will free up time throughout the day by doing simple tasks, such as automatically opening your company’s most-used applications.

Motion Controlled Electronics

Motion and gesture control, or 3D interaction, is growing in popularity. Currently, motion-driven controllers can be attached to computers, and allow you to point, wave, grasp, and reach for items onscreen. In terms of business, these devices have a lot of potential. If you’re in design or advertising, motion control allows you to use your computer in an entirely new and innovative way. Moreover, this technology is being extended to digital devices, as well as a number of other products.

Real-Time Calendar Apps

Calendar apps are really useful in any business setting. Whether you’re sharing a calendar with partners, or with the entire office, these calendars can be viewed and edited by all parties. When you’re planning a meeting, you’ll pull up the real-time calendar. On it, you may notice a conflict, such as the majority of your sales staff will be out of the office on your chosen day. You will be able to determine when the schedule is free for a meeting, set the meeting, and the calendar will automatically send an alert to everyone’s calendar, ensuring each person is notified. It will also alert you to any conflict of interest, ensuring the people who need to be present are.

Tablets and Smartphones

Not all CEOs can afford to supply an entire company with smartphones and tablets, but it is important to make sure that the employees who rely on these devices have them. Field salespeople are especially fond of tablets because they allow them to see detailed information about customers, as well as record things quickly and on-the-go.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to tech, you don’t want to break the bank just to appear modernized. Any software, gadget or gizmo should add dollars to your bottom line. If you truly want to be a tech savvy CEO, make sure you’re choosing technology that rewards your business, and makes your business easier.

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