Steps to Enhance Your Negotiating Strategy as an Employer

Few steps to enhance your negotiating strategy if you're an employer

Business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs are constantly trying to hire employees that can bring great value and worth into their companies. Believe it or not, finding the perfect candidate is easier said than done. Some job seekers have outrageous expectations and demands, especially if they're experienced. How can employers persuade a candidate to accept a job offer without having to double his salary or agree to ludicrous financial incentives? It's simple – employers must negotiate. Here are some useful steps to help you improve your negotiation style.



Have an ethical attitude

To understand the idea of ethics in negotiations, let's first define the word “ethical”. Being ethical simply means to adhere to several specific standards or rules. Negotiation ethics means applying an ethical behavior when doing business, and not turning to sneaking strategies to win. As an employer, you want to convince potential candidates that your job offer is genuine. You can't make them accept by lying or by forcing them to sign contracts with hidden terms & conditions.

Be straightforward with employees and maintain a professional attitude. If you can't offer them better paid jobs, maybe you can convince them to accept the offer by giving them other incentives. Not all employees want more money, but you can't know that unless you bargain.


Have an open-minded attitude

Employers who want competent employees and a fruitful work environment should have an open-minded attitude. It's natural for conflictual situations to emerge, yet as the owner you must find a way to cool things down. Try not to lose your temper and look for the core of the problem. Where did everything started? Who's to blame? An unbiased employer is a fair employer. He doesn't take sides and he will do everything in his power to bring balance and help his business get back on the right path.

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Never lose your temper

It's so easy for employers to lose their temper in front of employees. Why would you want to do that? In today's competitive business world, the only way to make a company thrive is for the owner to remain calm and professional. Screaming and yelling will generate terror; employees will end up hating you, and they will eventually quit. Rather than showcase an aggressive attitude, you should ask them what's going on. Solve issues by negotiating better terms with your workers. Find out what's bothering them, keep your cool, and take them out for lunch to make them feel valued and appreciated.


An employer's most solid weapon when negotiating with employees, investors and vendors is to showcase great communication skills. Prior to starting the actual negotiation, open up the conversation in an informal tone. “How's everyone doing today?” “Is everything ok?” “Did you guys see last night's game? It was fabulous!”

These questions will help employers open a conversation without forcing employees to listen. Talking about trivial things lets workers know you're in a good mood, so they won't feel terrified that something bad is about to happen. “Everyone in the conference room, now!” – avoid this type of authoritative sentences if you want employees to like and respect you.


Assess body language

Body language says a lot of things about people in general. It expresses fear, confidence, poise, anxiety, and so on. An employer, who wants to improve his negotiation strategies, must learn how to use body language to his advantage. If you're dealing with investors and you're bargain for a deal, it's important that you have a strong, decisive attitude. Showcase confidence and determination. However, when negotiating with employees, it's ok to have a less formal attitude. Be friendly, chatty and forthcoming so as to make people trust you.

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Negotiating with people from an employer's perspective can be challenging. CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs should master the art of negotiations if they want their companies to thrive. Strong communication skills, honesty, a professional demeanor, composure and an ethical attitude are all critical features employers must have to win good deals and help their business prosper. With some negotiation training, you will eventually manage to score the best bargains; be prepared to compromise, think in the best interest of your company, and accept win-win solutions if you want workers to look up to you and appreciate your leadership skills.


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