Top Apps for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur or small business owner your day may look something like this…Early morning meeting to discuss marketing strategies, making and sending invoices to clients, followed by sending loads of emails to potential clients, existing clients, vendors, etc.  Lunch meeting with your team to discuss the week’s layout, making travel arrangements to meet with a client, all the while taking phone calls from the bank, vendors,  and colleagues.  You finally wind down your day by writing necessary reports, proposals, and business plans. You hop in bed with your laptop and send off a few last minute emails.  Repeat.  Sounds exhausting, chaotic, and stressful doesn’t it.  It doesn’t have to be!  How do you ask?  With a few of the top apps made by and for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  These apps with help you be more effective and efficient with your time.  I’ve narrowed down the list, to what I feel are the are the top 12 apps for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  1. Evernote: For the Entrepreneur or Small Business the Evernote app allows you to do everything from jotting down your latest business idea to your marketing research project. This app allows you to easily gather materials, clip web articles, and snap photos. Want to pitch your ideas with colleagues or associates?  You no longer need to make a slide show.  Evernote transforms your notes into a screen-friendly layout with just one click.
  2. Fancy Hands: A virtual assistant app that helps you effectively delegate tasks. Delegate tasks that slow down your productivity to Fancy Hands virtual assistants to free up your time.
  3. Zirtual: Another personal assistant app dedicated to Entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. Zirtual allows you to focus on the important things while they handle the details. Everything from scheduling meetings, paying bills, and booking travel.  Zirtual assistants are college-educated and U.S. based. ‘Bills? Paid. Inbox? Cleared. Travel? Booked.’
  4. cc: This is a reminder app on steriods. This simple yet powerful email tool allows you to schedule tasks and reminders right inside your email, schedule emails to reappear when you need them to, schedule followups with leads, forward client emails to reappear when you it’s time to followup. And the best part?  You can do it from anywhere.
  5. EchoSign: Adobe app that allows you to electronically sign documents easily and securely. Send, track ans e-sign documents on the go. This app automatically records and stores each documents history.  Documents are stored and secure on the Adobe cloud platform.  Rest assured knowing that electronic signatures collected with EchoSign are legally valid.
  6. Free Wifi Finder: You may always be on the go which makes Wifi a critical element to doing great business quickly and efficiently. This app is self explanatory. It helps you to find Free Wifi wherever you are.
  7. Uber: Private driver in over 40 countries. Request a ride with this app and get picked up in minutes. Don’t worry about missing a meeting abroad. This app allows you to compare rates, use PayPal or credit card to pay, etc.
  8. MobileDay: This app allows you the access your conference calls in the easiest, quickest way. When it’s time for your meeting a big green button automatically appears. This app takes the fuss out of conference calls. Auto detects conference calls from calendar.  Easily dial anyone in your contacts.  Join online meetings such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google+ Hangouts, Lync, FaceTime and more.
  9. Dropbox: Dropbox’s cloud storage is one of the most popular to date. Store photos, documents, videos, etc. to your cloud.
  10. Square Register: This app has changed the way small businesses handle their cash flow for the better. Any mobile device can be turned into the cash flow hub for your business. This app allows you to accept all major credit cards and email receipts to your clients.  The card reader(which is free) must be ordered separately.
  11. Invoice2Go: Need to send invoices on the go? This app lets you do just that. Simply format and sent and invoice or estimate to your clients from your phone.  This app calculates all taxes and totals and is integrated with PayPal.
  12. Producteev: Task management software in your pocket! This app stores all of your projects, tasks, and collaborators in one simple to use interface. This app allows you to delegate tasks to other colleagues and allows you to see how much everyone has on their plate.

Become the less stressed entrepreneur you were always meant to be by taking advantage of these apps.  Who knows, your workdays may become so efficient you might actually enjoy a weekend off!

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