The Currency of Inspiration: Innovation and Digital Payments

Inspiration is the lifeblood of any successful business.

Maximizing this power by translating it into a sustainable resource, which consistently releases innovative products and services, is the great challenge of private enterprise in general.

Framed as a question, this issue is the issue governing leadership and credibility in a global marketplace: What existing resources can be strengthened or improved, so a relatively small change can yield a substantial transformation for an entire industry?

Or, rather than conceiving (or attempting to create) something radically new, build a new – and better – version of something consumers already use and need.

The best example of this principle in practice, the most pragmatic illustration of how a dynamic series of activities can become a worldwide sensation, involves the use of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

It is within this environment of mathematical complexity and engineering genius that the agent of inspiration – the will to refine, enhance and transform basic systems – reveals an entirely novel way of how people experience classic features like the freedom to consummate transactions, convert digital dollars and commence all related tasks with absolute satisfaction and unrivaled security.

I refer, specifically, to the revolution involving payment processing, where, as a member of, which accepts a multitude of digital currencies and manages a large volume of daily traffic, I am at the center of this discussion.

Ironically, it is within this field of hurried action and enthusiasm (by investors, entrepreneurs and users alike), where the classic virtues of a great brand continue to thrive: Professionalism, peace of mind, personalized attention and an unmistakable corporate identity.

The irony, which I allude to, is the false belief that international commerce makes craftsmanship, as a matter of tradition and individual expression, a non-entity.

In a word: Wrong!

Craftsmanship does not just apply to the way a bespoke tailor cuts and stitches the lapels of a blazer, or the manner by which an architect designs a one-off home of elegant minimalism. It can also be – indeed, it is – the beauty of brilliantly written code, as well as the reassurance that only truly excellent customer support can provide.

It is this spirit that infuses programmers and technical experts with a sense of purpose, the knowledge that they can apply a small (but intricately woven) change on behalf of a much grander ambition.

That is the philosophy of which I write, fueled by a commitment to flourish and a promise to forever endure – and adapt to – the rapidity of the marketplace.

Leadership with a Voice: The Clarity of a Brand's Convictions

If, after reading this piece and thinking about humanity's relationship with technology, people recognize that the former must always take precedence over the latter, then executives of all interests will be able to serve a common interest: The betterment of consumers.

That lesson is one my colleagues uphold with honor and pride because, as we like to say, “Process is everything.”

The experience a company provides, for good or ill, shapes its reputation. Whether a business has a name that evokes applause or condemnation depends on those easily dismissible “little things” – the proverbial fine-tuning that yields precision and prosperity.

Achieving that goal should be a priority, not a luxury.

Let us, therefore, resolve to make the newest economy – the digital economy of alternative currencies – an extension of our most sacred public values.

Let us remember that process is everything.

It is the measurement we set for ourselves, and the result by which users measure our own behavior.

It is the final arbiter of our deeds and actions.

Michelle Tilman is a marketing assistant for Coinvoy, which is a leading payment processor for users of multiple types of digital currency, including: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. She specializes in identifying emerging market trends for merchants and consumers, who choose to execute transactions with one or any of three currencies mentioned above. Michelle is based in Hong Kong.

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