Service in a Digital Economy: The Payment Processing Revolution

Here is a question for every entrepreneur and executive, for every consumer and client: Does high-quality service matter, when so many transactions happen at the speed of light, when anonymity is the web's “personality” and mass emails its principal means of “communication”?

Is there a place for service backed by the words and deeds of individuals – men and women, whose biographies express their talents and passions – who believe commerce, particularly with regard to the use of digital currencies, should be safe and secure because of the personal integrity of those with a real stake in this matter?

Nowhere is the need for this peace of mind greater than among the users of Bitcoin (and Dogecoin and Litecoin). Nowhere is the technical aspect of this issue so right, thanks to the scientific truth and mathematical accuracy of this theory, and the sense of personality behind this movement so emotionally empty – until now.

I write these words as a member of, which accepts a multitude of digital currencies, manages transactions with ease, and brings a much-needed degree of efficiency and humanity to this experience.

I issue this statement as a voice for one brand, and as a summons to action to all engineers, software designers, developers and programmers, who too often think in code – and speak in some even more cryptic dialect – that is terse and uncivil.

Translation: It is one thing to author the proprietary code that makes Coinvoy a payment processor with several competitive advantages. But it is something else entirely, which makes Coinvoy a trusted resource for the acceptance, conversion and transmission of the singular commodity no one treats dismissively: Money.

For a merchant, banker or vendor to entrust me, or rather for someone to enlist Coinvoy to process all manner of transactions, is proof of two distinct principles.

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First, it confirms our technical mastery of the subject: We can handle, without delay, interruption or any breach of security, the volume of daily, global transactions at the center of this new marketplace.

These things are obligatory, the pro forma activities of any legitimate firm.

The difference I write of is, instead, one of detail; it is a stamp of technological achievement, an engineering triumph that makes our infrastructure – the so-called back-end of a website – resilient enough to withstand the pressures that confront any business, from ever-increasing demands (by users) for greater speed to the ability (by developers) to thwart cyber criminals and hackers.

And secondly, we put a face on the work we do. Rather, I am a face of the work I do: I am part of a team, visible in our respective photographs and distinguished by our respective careers, with a singular mission – excellence.

The Personal Factor: The Coinvoy Philosophy

The theme to this discussion, which executives in other industries can (and should) easily emulate, is about the power of personalization.

There is no business, regardless of how intricate or esoteric, that is free to abandon the simple decencies of smart leadership. There is no business, period, with a license to abandon common sense and dignity.

Our philosophy is to apply the best technology, with the best service, for the best audience – consumers, merchants, entrepreneurs, citizens, expatriates, travelers and any individual who seeks to enjoy the use of digital currencies.

By this standard, there is, indeed, a constant amidst fluctuating valuations and trades; that mainstay is the humanity we offer, and the courtesy we provide.

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Such things are priceless.

Michelle Tilman is a marketing assistant for Coinvoy, which is a leading payment processor for users of multiple types of digital currency, including: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. She specializes in identifying emerging market trends for merchants and consumers, who choose to execute transactions with one or any of three currencies mentioned above. Michelle is based in Hong Kong.

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