Questions You Need to Ask in Your Staff Survey Program

Regardless of your company’s size, managers and CEOs should get more involved in order to retain employees. Employees who are not allowed to have an opinion lower productivity and influence their colleagues in a negative manner. Basically, they feel voiceless and they come to work with no enthusiasm at all. Have you ever thought of increasing engagement using staff surveys? This tactic is the most efficient when it comes to attaining actionable feedback from employees.

Professionals advise companies to do surveys periodically, at least every 6 months. Tailor the questions after the specific needs of your company. Tackle current issues and ask employees to pitch in with ideas to improve productivity as well as employee satisfaction. Here are some top questions should consider asking workers in a survey.

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Can you point out some company strength and weaknesses?

Every company has its own strategies of maintaining productivity levels on the floating line. If you have decided that it’s time to survey employees, include the question above into the questionnaire. It will help management and HR departments tackle weaknesses. Employees are advised to give a straight answer; this way they can contribute to change. A company’s workplace culture has the potential of affecting its core strengths. The faster you spot issues and weak links the better chances you have to keep workers engaged and increase productivity.

Do you feel motivated – If yes, why…if no, why?

Surveys should definitely include this question. Companies should know on what level their workers feel motivated to come to work. Some may like the work conditions provided, others may have an issue. This issue can be serious or not; considering that staff survey programs are anonymous, nobody will do anything to the worker who gave an honest answer. Furthermore, honest answers are the best at evaluating the data. HR will gather all surveys and they’ll begin sorting them out. The goal is to find and fix problems that might interfere with the company bottom line and output.

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Are you working with us long term?

The problem with many companies is that employees leave without a previous notice. This instantly takes productivity down. HR is forced to find a replacement, provide training, and offer new instructions. All this costs time and money; an employee survey can help companies fix issues before they turn into huge problems.


What improvements would you bring into the company?

Do you have any improvement ideas you would like adding into the company? If yes, please do mention them. A staff survey is meant to satisfy the needs of employees in order boost bottom line. If there’s a change you would like implemented then go ahead and write it down. HR should be open to suggestion; this way they can acknowledge that there’s an issue (or more) in the company productivity, and that there are solutions that can be implemented to keep the company on the floating line.

Do you feel value in the work that you do – if yes, why? If no, why?

This is an extremely important question. When staff surveys are anonymous employees are more willing to speak their minds and be honest about their allegations. Ask them if they feel valued at the office. This way you will know what to do to add improvements and make the work environment a lot safer and much more pleasant. The more valuable they feel the greatest chances your company has to thrive. Motivated employees come to work every day with a smile on their faces. They do their jobs with pleasure and this helps your company bottom line tremendously.

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Leaders, CEOs and managers should value the power of employee surveys. These questionnaires are extremely important in a company. Sadly, very few startups pay attention to employee surveys, and some don’t even have a staff survey program. When the HR department of an enterprise doesn’t know whether or not the company has issues, it can’t help it thrive and attain success. Staff survey can do more than just help increase employee engagement. It is vital that HR asks the right questions. When problems are getting fixed on time, employees feel valuable again. They find pleasure in the work that they do, thus helping companies become recognized.

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