Six Different Ways of Dealing with Your Angry Customers in a Call Centre

It does happen on regular basis where the angry customers express their anger and frustrations by aiming their complaints at the staff members. And if this is something that happens to you then you don’t despair. You are not just the one to be concerned by the raised voices and even a threat of their violent behaviour.  So try and stay calm and devise a plan to face such a situation. Below given are the seven important tips on how to deal with the angry customers whether be it on phone, on a live chat or live help session, or something else without losing your control.

Do not take things personally: Although the angry customers come and remove their frustrations out on you, and then do know that you have never caused any sought of a trouble to them. So try and listen to their story without interrupting and find a different way to help them out.

Never argue back with your customers: It is natural and obvious for your customers to get angry, and some would take things far and your reaction here would be to defend yourself.  And as a professional customer service it is always good that you never argue back with them. So try and maintain your integrity being a better person, and in case your customers begin to abuse you verbally then let them know that you do understand their frustrations and being rude would never solve their problems. So let your customers know that you are there to help but you could never unless and until you calm them down.

Killing them with kindness: If your customers refuse to calm down then try to kill them with your kindness. So try and be respectful, sincere and understanding. Instead try and show sympathy for their situations expressing empathy to their situation. Being calm and controlling their own anger you would also find that your customers would ease up too. Also try and make a small joke in order to lighten up their mood and share a story that you could relate them or their experiences.

Being Patient: Each and every person comes across different situations so try and be patient understanding that it would take a little long time for the customers to relax and some would continue to be frustrated as the call or the live chat continues. Stay in control and try having a direct conversation with your customers for a happy resolution. Do not rush with the phone call or live chat you are having with the client, you need to keep in mind that your customers are here because they need your help.

Solve the problem: Once your customers have exhausted him or her then try and ask yourself questions to gather facts on the problem. Work with your customers in order to find out the resolution that would satisfy you both or else you could go back to where your conversation began. Also keep in mind that you are running a business and you do not land up compensating for the complaints of your customers. Remember that the solution here needs to be fair and justifiable for both the parties.

Relieving your stress: End the phone call or live chat with a happy note for your customers finding a way out for relieving your stress. Try and let go your anger with your customer, so whether you take a walk around the office or drink a cup of coffee, eating a piece of candy etc do not keep the stress copped up inside you. So if you do not want to relieve your stress you would then be a ticking time bomb waiting to lose your anger on the next customer or even your boss.

To conclude keeping your customers happy and cool is never that easy as it sounds. So try and share your tips on how you would be maintaining composure while dealing with your angry and upset customers.

Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Finance and Accounting outsourcing services. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services India delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains

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