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Ever walk by a clothing store or surf the web and find an item that either inspires you or makes you think about how you could make it better? Certainly the thought process stops there for most of us because we envision obstacles that are far too daunting—or think getting our idea on a piece of clothing or an accessory to a large consumer group is expensive and only for celebrities with “people” to handle that type of stuff.

Anyone can take a playbook page from entrepreneur and athlete, Brett Favre, or rising YouTube celebrity, Miranda Sings, as they share inspiring tips to encourage you to get on the playing field of fashion merchandising.

Pick your partners Carefully:

The importance of picking the right tools and partners in both sports and business is a key to success. If you pick a partner (or team mate) that complements your skills, the overall enterprise is stronger. Our state of the art e-commerce platform made merchandising easy for Brett Favre and Squor sports by removing supply chain glitches and fulfillment issues while allowing them the freedom to concentrate on making his fans happy and staying engaged with the brand. Enthused Favre, “The Spreadshirt Shopify plug-in has enabled us to concentrate on what we do best—offer great sports memorabilia and advanced sweat technology apparel—without the need to bulk order and with no upfront costs or messy fulfillment issues.”

Make sure you select an option with the most routes to market, and insist upon a platform that has plug-in options like Shopify, which are readily available in the Shopify Appstore.

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Other must have features in an e-commerce platform partner:

– Fully responsive system

– Fast loading times

– Modern, user-friendly design

– Intuitive product searching

– Based on technology that enables rapid feature implementations

– Provides best SEO

– Multiple product options displayed leading to higher conversions

– Ease of social sharing for shop customers

– Ease of social sharing for shop sellers

– Ease of shop personalization

– Refined targeting of shop customers through specific landing pages

– State of the art design tools integrated into the shop system

Once you have selected a platform that meets your technical requirements, consider that many shoppers are global. You will want your products viewable, available, and easily sent to almost anywhere on the planet. Select a partner that can handle many currencies, multiple languages, and is equipped to deal with tax issues. A well-designed platform can handle all of these details without any up-front costs with a print on demand approach.

What makes young shoppers click to buy?

Embrace that social media stars have become bigger business than Hollywood and television celebs—and merchandising is the key to their success. Find a partner that is plugged into the global talent of very popular YouTubers, like Miranda Sings from WA; her global tour is completely sold out in the USA, EU, and Australia and New Zealand. Young fans spend far more $ and engage more readily with these social media stars.

Most of today’s top YouTube sensations are international stars with a very engaged global audience, so it makes sense to partner with the agencies that represent them— like Miranda who lives and works in the US but has a fan base globally.

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Once you have done your research and found the right e-commerce platform, get to work on bringing your great ideas to a global market and have fun.

Spreadshirt, a leading e-commerce company, provides businesses, organizations, and individuals with an unsurpassed platform for buying, selling and creating ideas. The global community of more than 70,000 sellers, includes Groupon, Full Screen and the Reeve Foundation and has access to over 150 products and numerous points of sale. Founded in 2002, Spreadshirt is active in 19 markets and 12 languages, and operates five production sites in Germany, Poland, the USA and Brazil. All products are print on-demand.

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