How Fantasy Sports Can Be a Mentor for Entrepreneurs

A single commonality between an entrepreneurs and a sportsperson is passion to fight that drives an individual to get involved and give the maximum of one self. That passion keeps the creativity and enthusiasm alive in both; a sports person as well as an entrepreneur.

Fantasy sport acts as a mentor for an entrepreneur. Sports have the power to arouse the adrenaline drift within you and so as true with your business ideas. There are certain common traits that every entrepreneur must learn from the sports. Few of the many are discussed here in:

  1. Maintain sportsmanship attitude: The most important characteristic of an entrepreneur is to keep the passion and hunger for achievement alive in him. This would allow you gain the engagement of mind, body and heart which is a must have for goal achievement. Correct attitude at the correct time helps pride follow success. At the same time, learn to respect the opponent but better not by underestimating him.
  1. Aim the game plan: Create a simple but a vector goal which would help you in figuring out the path you must avail in order to reach that desired goal. Every single step of the game plan must be measurable so that you may know the effectiveness of the game plan that you have made and if you lack somewhere then you may make necessary changes as well.
  1. Set plausible goals: Your goals must not be sky rocketed in a way it becomes a fairy tale goal. They must be achievable and comparable. Your goals must not be repetitive otherwise risk and innovation will have no room there.
  1. Team management: Include team members who you can count back on for your play. Make your goals such that it is in-line with the individual team member’s goals. There has to be effective team management where you are able to motivate your team by setting such rules and goals or by setting an example for them.
  1. Learn from the mistakes (deal with failures): Fall nine, rise up ten. Mistakes are certainly mistakes when you don’t learn anything out of it. Do not get de-motivated if mistakes are made. Get a lesson from this and stand up to fight back with multiplied amount of momentum. It is insanity in doing the same mistake over and over again but wellness lies in being wise than being a fool to that mistake repeatedly.
  1. Rest Actively: Rome was not built in a day. Hence no empire could be built in a moment of time. You need to decide your pace and be really calm and composed in your decisions and even in the steps you take based on those decisions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must sit back and look at things being messed up. You must be active and at the same time to not to digress your attention or focus.
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It is always advisable to use the mind power than muscle power. Wisely taking each and every step is more likely to direct you towards your goals. Self discipline and sacrifices are the other two major factors that are very important for an individual to sustain in the game for longer run. Always stay prepared for every situation that comes to your path and don’t forget to ask yourself a question before you take a leap and that is;

Are you game for it?

Misha Uppal holds a master's degree in marketing and bachelor's in computer application. She works as a Content and Marketing Manager at SoftwareSuggest. She likes travelling to hill stations and reading novels. Follow her on Twitter

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