How Coworking Spaces Can Increase Productivity

Coworking spaces are not only here to stay, they are deemed to be the wave of the future. By 2020, more than 40% of the economy may be freelancers, contractors and other independent professionals. Many will work from home much of the time. Some will drop into their local coffee shop for a hot mocha, some free Wi-Fi and a chance to escape the isolation of working from home. But, increasingly, many will turn to coworking spaces to meet their needs. It is important for an entrepreneur to take note of that. Here are some of the reasons why:


Having coworking spaces offer the opportunity to collaborate with other independent creatives, professionals and freelancers. This can be a win-win situation for all parties, increasing the creativity of everyone on site and helping them close deals and grow their respective businesses. Many of them advertise the sense of community that they foster.


It offers amenities such as conference rooms, Wi-Fi, fax, printer and a small kitchen. This can also mean that tasks like carpet cleaning may fall to someone else. Often, this means that you can let someone else make sure the meeting room is presentable, thus freeing you up to focus on preparing your important presentation for that big client.


Coworking spaces are less expensive than renting a full office all to yourself. Not only is the monthly rent lower, the amenities they provide helps to lower your business overhead. If you are just starting out, it may make no sense financially to buy the kind, amount and quality of office fixtures they make available. But it makes a lot of sense to have access to good quality office fixtures in order to do your best work and make a good impression on clients.

Better Than A Coffee Shop

If you need to meet with someone, a coworking space looks more professional. It also quieter, less expensive than buying another cup of coffee every hour on the hour, and allows you to be surrounded by other professionals concentrating on their work. This can help you be more productive, more creative, and even happier.

A Corner of Your Own

Some coworking spaces offer an open area where everyone can work. Others let you set aside an office of your own for a fee. It is still more reasonable than typical office rental rates, while allowing you do some decorating and branding.

Hip Image

These spaces have a hip, up-to-date public image. The practice started in Europe and is popular in trend setting American cities, such as San Francisco and New York. They are associated with start-up culture and popular among young creative professionals.

Higher Productivity

Some studies show that people are more productive in coworking spaces than in their own home office. Being surrounded by others who are also working can help you resist the temptation to watch TV or piddle around on the Internet accomplishing nothing. It can help you get in the right mindset for doing professional work and help you stay focused.


Some coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day, something few coffee shops boast. This is a feature that many traditional offices also lack. Yet, you can choose to go only a few hours a week if that is all you need. For some people trying to transition out of a full time job and into their own business, this can be the perfect answer.

Some people are decrying current economic and demographic trends as the end of job security and the beginning of a dystopian future. Others are embracing current trends as an opportunity for more freedom, more self expression, and more control over their work lives. Coworking spaces are helping some people make the best of these trends, or even create a best-of-both-worlds outcome for themselves.

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