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A Change of Space: 4 Pointers for Moving to a New Office Complex

Whether your business is moving on up to a better office complex or simply relocating, the moving itself can be a major process. Handling it properly will make the move go much smoother and with less productivity loss. Here are four tips that will make your business’s move a success. Make Your Moving Plan Moving isn’t the time to be ...

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The Pros And Cons Of A Serviced Office

The definition of a “serviced office” is a fully fitted and furnished single office space, or an entire office building. The latter could be rented to a single company or multiple companies sharing the same business premises. Serviced office buildings are run and maintained by facility management companies, whose roles include providing a variety of business services, such as: Reception ...

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Hack and Boost In-office Productivity with A Simple Cleaning Routine

A typical office space would measure its time in coffee cups. In other words, people are generally way too busy to think about the current state of the environment they work in. However, nothing kills productivity faster than cluttered desks and dusty bookshelves, not to mention poor communication and teamwork. The presence of dust and germs can also trigger allergies, ...

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The Dos and Dont’s of Moving Offices

There comes a time in the history of every business when you must decide to relocate. Whether it is because you need a bigger office to allow for growth, or because you are moving to a more strategically smart location, there are a lot of decisions that you will have to make from start to finish. DO pick the right ...

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15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on the Future of Traditional Office Spaces

There was a time not too long ago where going to the office literally meant going to the office – that boring building with gray walls and little inspiration. These days the idea of going to the office is something much different. The office is no longer that boring place you spent so many days in. Your office can be ...

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How to Choose the Right Office Space for Your Business

Finding an office space can be scary. You’re going to have to shell out some serious capital on the right place – once you’ve found it, that is. There are so many things to consider before you sign a lease and move all of your stuff in. You may not even know where to start. While you probably have a ...

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Business Leader Explains How Vital Efficient Breakrooms Are to Company Morale

One of the best moves a company can make is to invest in its employees. Good insurance, good benefits, solid leadership, and little treats can make a huge difference to the morale of your team. Building a team you can take pride in means making sure they have exactly what they need in order to stay motivated. One of the ...

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Coworking Location Gives Entrepreneurs a Place to Grow and Create with Likeminded Members

Being an entrepreneur can often leave a few gaps that are usually filled in traditional employment. Being around co-workers and a busy, social environment can create a certain buzz which often translates to productivity. When you’re an entrepreneur working alone it can be hard to find a similar environment where there are people with a similar career and an understanding ...

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How to Prepare Your Office Building for a Coming OSHA Inspection

One thing that can certainly be nerve racking for any business owner is having an inspection performed by OSHA. If you fail the inspection, you will receive a citation and be forced to pay a sizable fine. According to OSHA’s website, fines above $40,000 are not unheard of. It’s best to make sure that doesn’t happen. Below are some steps ...

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How Coworking Spaces Can Increase Productivity

Coworking spaces are not only here to stay, they are deemed to be the wave of the future. By 2020, more than 40% of the economy may be freelancers, contractors and other independent professionals. Many will work from home much of the time. Some will drop into their local coffee shop for a hot mocha, some free Wi-Fi and a ...

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