5 Questions to Solve Your Company’s Staffing Issues

There are a number of staffing issues that may be preventing your company from succeeding the way you would like. These issues range from unengaged employees who won't fulfill their necessary tasks, to high employee turn over that means you need to waste precious time training new staff.

Understanding how to address these staffing problems is crucial to succeeding in business. Answer these 5 questions to get a better understanding of where your staffing issues lie:

1. Does every employee understand his or her duties?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to employees who aren't successfully doing their job is that the employee actually has no idea what is included in his or her job description. If you haven't given clear instructions, it is very unlikely your business will see success

The implementation of case management software can help keep your workers on track. These programs allow your employees to find all the information they need quickly and efficiently, getting them back on track to completing their tasks and goals on time.

2. Do you address employee's problems quickly and efficiently?

When a problem arises, regardless of circumstances, do you address that problem quickly with your full attention? If employees are constantly giving you complaints about not having what they need, office software or technology is not working properly, or they are other wise running into issues that is interfering with their ability to do their job, you must tackle those problems as quickly as possible.

If there is something preventing an employee from reaching their goal, your company cannot move forward until it is addressed. In some severe circumstances, employees who feel that their needs are usually ignored may seek employment elsewhere. Keep you employees happy and business running smoothly by ensuring their needs are met.

3. Are Your Expectations Realistic?

Sit back and look at the expectation you put on your employees. Are you asking one person to do the job of many? If you are trying to squeeze too much work out of a small group of workers, you'll likely see that they don't stick around very long.

Likewise, if your expectations are too low, your employees are probably not feeling stimulated enough to provide quality work. Find a realistic expectation of what your employees can accomplish in the amount of time they are given and you'll being to see happier employees.

4. Do You Treat Your Employees Like a Family?

Let's face it. In many businesses, we spend more time with our bosses, employees, and co-workers than we do with our actual families. This means that in order to have a happy staff with minimal staffing issues, you need to show you appreciate the work your employees do for you.

If you constantly have the mindset that everyone is replaceable, it is more likely the employee will replace you as their employer faster than you can replace the employee. Build a quality staff of hard working individuals and then show that you are happy to have them on your team.

5. Are You Giving New Employees the Proper Training They Need?

Not all businesses are run the same, so even if a new recruit has years of experience in your field, they are unlikely to know exactly how your office is run. If you aren't giving them proper introduction or training they need to complete their job, they may spend a significant amount of time trying to adjust to the needs of your business.

Spend the time to ensure new employees understand the way you like things done, but be open to potential changes they may request. Making employees comfortable and welcome can increase their happiness with the job, meaning they're more likely to stick around.

Staffing issues need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Answering these five questions will get your company on track to adjusting any staffing problems.

This guest post is courtesy of Dennis Hung.

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