5 Best Ways to Use Writing for Planning Your Best Business Strategies

Today's marketplace is extremely diverse. There are hundreds and thousands of businesses that are trying to emphasize their brand's products and services, trying to make a name, and wanting more and more. Because we live in a technological era, where the digital tools are flourishing, we can expect a lot of diversity and variety among businesses.

As an entrepreneur or marketer, you should expect to work hard at the beginning. Until your business performance is stable and satisfying, you must put a lot of time and effort into accomplishing your goal. You have to work hard, yes. But you also have to work smart.

Working smart is basically doing a lot more things, all in the same work-time. Working hard and smart is a great combination that should lead you towards success in no time. Creating an efficient business strategy plan is the best way to improve your business' chances of success.

Whenever you want to develop a big project, all from the scratch, you must organize yourself properly and efficiently plan all of your steps. You can do so by using the most efficient way of organization: writing. You see, writing brings a lot of benefits to the table, and it can truly help you plan that big business idea.

The Benefits of Writing

Writing comes with many scientifically proven benefits. Let's explore just a few of the most important ones:

a) Better Organizational Skills

Whenever you have to get ideas and words out of your head, you're asking your brain to sort out relevant information from the sea of information available. With time and practice, you'll learn to organize your thoughts, actions, and behavior in more productive ways.

b) Better Communication Skills

Have you ever ran out of words? If so, it means that you're not writing too much! People who write consistently are always full of ideas. Moreover, they know how to express themselves properly. They're not running out of things to say because their brain is super trained to come up with something new.

 c) You Develop a Valuable Marketplace Skill

If you know how to write, you'll never die from hunger. The current marketplace doesn't lack writing services demand. You can find thousands of possible clients on various freelancing job boards, and also by networking using the social media channels. LinkedIn, for example, is the best social network dedicated for professionals who are looking to connect.

5 Efficient Ways to Write Down Your Business Strategy Plan

If you weren't aware of these benefits of writing, you are now. Let's get straight down to business and explore an in-depth step-by-step plan towards developing your business plan:

1. Create a Business Goal

Take a piece of paper and begin asking yourself few questions. Let me give you a place to start. Find a short (2 sentence max) answer for the following questions:

-What is my business going to do exactly?

-Who am I selling to?

-What specific needs will my products/services satisfy?

-Why is my business better than the competition?

-What is the special element of my brand?

These are just a few questions that should give you a close clue on how to approach this type of activity. The moment you find the answers to these questions, you'll find it easier to create a final goal of your business.

2. Establish Who You're Talking and Selling To

As already mentioned, one of the aspects that must be taken care of immediately is your target audience. Your audience is basically the group of people that you're selling your products to. You can find them based on interests, ages, genders, or whatever you believe that's relevant as a targeting factor.

Take a piece of paper and try to write down (in a paragraph) the unique characteristics of your “ideal target audience member”. This person should represent the best prototype of someone who might be interested in your business.

3. Find the Best Monetization Practice

Another factor that really needs efficient planning is the monetization process of your business. You can monetize something in numerous ways; but, it's always ideal to find the most suitable ways for your specific business. Some will monetize their business better with ads, while you can do so by selling affiliate products.

These were just a few examples; here is a list of monetization ways that should let you choose from a variety of options. Choose a maximum of two and test them individually before even thinking of adopting others. Focusing on something, but doing it properly, will definitely get you more results in the longer term.

4. Work on Your Brand's Awareness

Branding is a very important concept of any business nowadays. The brand image that you create at the beginning of your journey will stay forever. Of course, certain variations of change can happen, but the main point still remains. Now, if you want to create a powerful brand, you must start with the first planning points.

Take a piece of paper and start asking yourself questions again:

a) What's the thing that's going to make my customers spread the word about the brand?

b) Is my brand promising a greater thing? Can it really be accomplishable?

c) What angles should I approach when creating my branding strategy?

These are just a few of the necessary questions that you must ask yourself. The main point is: don't type these things down. Instead, note them down on a piece of paper. The creativity and the inspiration that you'll get while sitting in front of something and actually creating it using a pen and paper is better.

5. Test, Fail, Optimize, and Scale

Emily Asher, Head of Freelance HR Department from Australian Writings stated: “This is a straightforward “feedback cycle” that most business people go through during their business journeys. Many business concepts and strategies fail. Entrepreneurs must test a lot of approaches before finding the proper working strategies. If you can’t find any working way, keep searching and never give up.”

In case you already have something that works, you should optimize it and scale your efforts until you're satisfied with the results. The last thing you must do is get rid of the strategies that don't bring a lot of results and replace them with something better.


Having a quality business plan will influence your chances for business success big time. You can't just go with the flow; you need an established roadmap which always shows you the end of the road. You need to know what the final result is, and you must know why that result is so important to you.

This guest post is from Jessica Freeman. She is passionate about content writing and journalism. She finds her calling in making others interested in topics of education, business, and marketing developments. Find out more about Jessica’s work by visiting her blog for students. Meet her on Facebook and Google+.


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