4 Commendable Ways to Increase Public Opinion of Your Business

Increasing the public opinion of your business can boost your sales. But often, business owners do not realize the full impact of public opinion on businesses or what forces drive it. Public opinion is the public's general attitude or sentiment concerning a company, person, policy and more. Several factors form this so business owners should consistently take steps to improve their image.

Before you can begin crafting a strategy to improve the public opinion surrounding your business, you first need to do a little research to understand where your company currently stands. This research can help you recognize what has worked in the past, is currently working, and making strategies for what could possibly work in the future. Accessing the public's opinions is key. To learn about public opinion, some companies create in-store and/or email surveys or analyze online reviews. After ascertaining its strengths and weaknesses, a company can employ solutions for the weaknesses and promote the strengths.

Here are four tips for improving customers' attitudes about you and your business.

Increase Business Exposure

Limited public contact or a small customer base risks having a few negative experiences outweigh the countless good encounters. A disgruntled customer can do more damage than you might think. In order to combat any negative perceptions of your company, it is important to consistently be looking for genuine opportunities to highlight your company in a positive way.

Increasing business exposure increases the base that forms public opinion. How can you do this? Even brick-and-mortar companies benefit from social media presence, whether it be informative Twitter tweets, enlightening Facebook posts and more. Start a blog that educates your customers as well as promotes your business subtly. Use employees that have expertise in these areas to create a team that can strategize and help your company get off to a great start.


The public admires philanthropists. People who give time, money or resources to community events have a higher public standing. You can increase the general attitude about your business by giving back to the community. This is also a great way to show your employees you care more about numbers and profits. By volunteering and looking for ways to help others, you will boost public and internal perception of your company and company values. Look for volunteer opportunities that your employees will also be interested in. By including your employees in the decision making and volunteer opportunities, you are telling them that they matter as well. If your employees have a say in what volunteer opportunities your company pursues, you are more likely to have increased employee participation.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Your best ambassadors are your employees. Your workforce talks to their family, friends, neighbors and your prospective customers. If they are unhappy in the workplace, they negatively affect your public opinion.

Get Involved In The Community

There are various ways to get involved in the community, one of them being politics. Whether it’s a low-key office or a demanding office, involving yourself in politics can help you interact and connect with the community. The educational experience supports good business practices as well as possibly contributing to a successful political career. Getting involved in the community, whether through politics or volunteer, is a great way to create conversation about your business and be actively involved. If you’re interested in learning more about community and public interaction, consider a master in public administration program.

Putting time and effort into the public perception of your business can really put you ahead in the game. By analyzing the current opinions, you can draft a plan to increase it. By increasing business exposure, volunteering, boosting employee satisfaction, and participating in the community you can increase the opinion of your business.

My name is Emma Sturgis and I'm a freelance writer based out of Boston.


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